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Snacking questions

Kristy Collins

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I am on day 14 and overall am doing really well...with the exception of snacking. Prior to WHole30, I ate probably 75-80% whole foods (+ a nightly ice cream habit...which I wanted to kick), so the transition hasn't been too crazy for me. I did, however, usually eat four small meals throughout the day + two larger snacks. Now, I am eating three much larger meals a day (my family cannot believe how much larger my well-composed meals have been!) but I am still starving for snacks between meals.

I am choosing one of the snacks listed below, but I can't seem to go without it (I get headachy and weak feeling).

a closed handful of nuts + a veggie

apple + nut butter

a closed handful of homemade trail mix (w/ coconut shreds, almonds, unsweetened dried blueberries),

or avo + hardboiled egg

I thought it might be a fat issue, but during my main meals, I am consuming WAY more fats than before: 

meal 1: whole avocado, eggs, green veggies

meal 2: squash + chicken breast cooked in coconut oil, full fat coconut milk

meal 3: large salad with 3 handfuls of greens, a few nuts, half an avocado, coconut oil sauteed veggies, with/salmon filet, maybe sweet potatoes

All in all, I eat until I am stuffed every meal but am still starving 3 hours later. Overall, I am making GREAT food choices but I feel guilty about snacking...but I seriously can't imagine eating more food at the main meals. Any advice? Is it "ok" for some people with really high metabolisms to snack within reason?

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Hmm... interesting.  And you're sure it's that youre actually 'starving' and not that it's a habit?  Or that the headache isn't from not enough water or salt?  I would say make sure that you're eating to the upper end of the template fat wise, so a whole avocado instead of half, a few handfuls of olives etc.

As for the actual snacks, try and steer away from fruit and nuts... the avo and egg is the better choice of the ones you've listed - always try and go for protein and fat, not fruit and/or nuts together or on their own.  Also remember that nuts and their products are recommended to be limited... think about a closed handful of whole nuts every other day at most... that's about 6-8 almonds or the equivilant of that in butters... 

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