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Day 11, No appetite

Manda May

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This is my first W30. On Day 11 today and have noticed the past day or not having much of an appetite at all. My period is suppose to start tomorrow, had some spotting this morning. Typically before my period I have heavy PMS systems and am starving constantly. This week I've had no appetite and little to no PMS symptoms except a sinus headache yesterday. My husband has me concerned that I am not eating enough calories and this is my body shutting down. Probably not the case however, now I'm paranoid. Anyone else experience a reverse is symptoms? Is a decrease in appetite normal week 2?

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If you've been consistently undereating for 11 days, it would eventually catch up to you and can result in a lack of appetite.  How do your meals compare to the meal template?  Palm size of protein at every meal?  Added fat at every meal?  Double check that there is added fat at every meal?  Plate full of vegetables?  Eating a fist sized or so of starchy carbs every day?  Drinking water?  Salting your food?  Dong workouts?  Getting your pre and post workout food in?

If you list out a couple days worth of food, being specific as to types of protein, veggies, and how they relate to the meal template for you. 

If you do think you're undereating, adding more fat can be very beneficial, easy, and delicious!

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