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PMS is worse at Whole55


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I know people talk a lot about their cycles in a lot of topics, but I see mostly the response is during the Whole 30 and saying that it will get better. I have to say, I'm 55 days in, essentially, and for the second time my PMS is significantly worse than off Whole 30. I had a migraine pretty much as bad as I've ever had yesterday and my breasts were sore.... I also have a breakout on my back for the first time in a while. Previously when I eat well on a conventional diet and exercise, I get NO PMS whatsoever, and it just shows up with no warning, essentially.

I am 47 and I have a very large fibroid so there's some sort of hormone imbalance to start with. Hormone balance has been my primary concern with this.

I'm not sure if I should give up or what at this point. Maybe this isn't for me? I've certainly lost weight, not sure how much because I didn't weigh myself at the beginning and don't want to now. Energy has been pretty good and I've had other good results.

I eat fruit every day and the occasional sweet potato, so I'm not super low carb.

I've also had loose stool for about a week.... Not sure what that's about.

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It could be unrelated to your whole 55. I'm on Day 53 and, though I'm not expecting my menses for another week, I've had no unusual symptoms. (I have had two menses already, my cycle is every 21 days). I'm 48. Things just go wonky at this age.

I'm curious about what the mods have to say. Hang in there! If you still have other reasons for continuing your whole 30, then continue. Just think how much worse this PMS might ave been without the whole30!

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I have worsening PMS as well during and after both of my whole 30s. I know some people say to wait it out, but for me, it didnt resolve after time. I'm experimenting with much higher carbs to see if that helps. Our bodies need more carbs the second half of our cycles in particular, so I'm trying to load up on them. Check out the Paleo for Women site - she has some info over there about carbs and how some paleo women do much better with more carbs, despite most paleo plans calling for less. Perhaps you could benefit from some other tweak, but that may be something to at least look into.

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