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Hello all!  I'm new here.  Day 9.  Gosh, where do I start?  Of course I  want to lose weight, but I have other issues that I'm hoping to be able to resolve with this program.  My biggest stumbling block on every diet program i have ever tried has always been controlling my cravings.  I have a whole mouthful  of "sweet teeth."  I've read the Whole30 book and am in the process of reading ISWF, and it's the first time I've understood the biology behind my cravings and how to manage them.  Going at it from the psychology angle never proved very beneficial for me.  i've never been much of a vegetable or fruit person, but I'm learning how to make veggies palatable, if not downright enjoyable!  I have really not struggled at all with any cravings - yet.  I even turned down a dish of my favorite ice cream my husband brought home for me the first night.  He wasn't trying to sabotage me.  He knew I was going to be doing the program but didn't realize i had started that day.  That ice cream is still in the freezer, and it hasn't called to me once!

My biggest issue is I have suffered with severe insomnia for years.  It affects every single aspect of my life.  i work at home as a medical transcriptionist, and while that doesn't sound like there would be much stress involved, i get paid on production, which means every time my fingers leave the keyboard, the meter stops running.  If I get up to get a cup of coffee, I stop making money.  if I go to the bathroom, I stop making money.  So my day consists of a pretty intense 8 hours at the computer listening to doctors' dictations and typing the reports.  And the work that I produce has to be extremely accurate, so I need to be sharp, clear headed, and focused.  You can imagine the struggle that has been for me in the face of chronic sleep deprivation.  I've tried EVERYTHING - sleeping pills, melatonin, magnesium, herbal remedies, hypnosis, meditation, followed all the "sleep hygiene" rules - I even had a sleep study and was diagnosed with very mild sleep apnea and went on CPAP for about a year, all to no avail.  I had pretty much reconciled myself to the fact that I would probably go through the rest of my life in a state of chronic sleep deprivation and total exhaustion.  When I decided to take on the Whole30 challenge, I really wasn't even thinking about the sleep aspect of it.  I just assumed it would be another dead end in that regard and decided to focus on the other benefits the program has to offer.  Much to my surprise and delight, at day 9 I have already had better sleep since I started than I have had in years!  I had 1 night when I had trouble falling asleep, but the other nights I have fallen asleep quickly, stayed asleep or been able to fall back to sleep quickly if i do wake up.  Need i say I am thrilled?

Other issues I'm hoping to see resolve are chronic nasal congestion, itching (which has already all but disappeared), recurrent urinary tract infections, mouth sores, arthritis, and high cholesterol.  

My time line so far has been a bit different from what is described in the book.  I reached the "kill all the things" stage yesterday, day 8, and still feel pretty much that way today.  Even though my sleep has improved, my energy and focus these last couple of days have been in the toilet.  I'm hanging in there and hoping for things to improve in the next week.  I'm really looking forward to that "Tiger Blood!"

BTW - does anyone know if RXBars are whole 30 approved?  Obviously not the peanut butter ones.



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Hi, Barbara, it sounds like you're off to a good start.

For the RXBars, I think some of them are okay, you'll just have to read the labels and see what the ingredients are, but remember that any bar like that is really for emergency use only, not something you'd be having regularly, and they can be sweet enough that they will keep you craving sweets. If you need something you can carry with you easily, pouches or cans of tuna or salmon, hard boiled eggs, prepackaged compliant guacamole, snack packs of olives or nuts, and pre-cut vegetables like carrots or celery are better options.

As for energy and focus, are you salting your food? Drinking plenty of water? Eating meals that match the meal template and easily keep you satisfied for 4-5 hours at a time? Having at least one fist-sized serving of starchy vegetable like potato, sweet potato, root vegetables (turnips, beets, rutabagas, carrots, parsnips), or winter squash (butternut or acorn squash) each day? If you want some feedback on your meals, you can post a day or two of typical meals, including approximate portion sizes, along with any exercise and any pre- or post-WO meals you have, and we can see if it looks like anything might need to be changed a bit.

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