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Starting Oct 18th


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Staring on the 18 as I am having a colonoscopy (every 10 yr thing) on the 17th with prep on the 16th. So figured why not start,and be done before turkey day. I did my first whole 30 in January, second in April with hubby. Very successful for both of us, but did not totally get rid of sugar cravings. Hubby is insulin dependent diabetic and his A1c went from 9.8 to 6.1 We have both been overweight all our life. We are both 62. Need more than a couple rounds to fix things.  We tried another round in July and didnt prepare enough and quit after about 10 days. So need to get back on the wagon as crap has slowly been seeping into our diets. Also I must be honest, we have a wedding on 12/15 and it would be nice if my gut was a little smaller for my dress. So will have plenty of time to prep. Got my original book back from daughter also.

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