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Giving thanks after 2nd Egg-Free W30


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You have no idea how happy I am to make this post. Let's just say I have plenty to be thankful for this Thanksgiving :)

When I started dabbling w W9/W30 in June, I weighed 246 pounds. Today, after my second full W30, I'm down to 215.

I had given up completely on losing weight and had resigned myself to being one of those people whose outsides don't reflect their insides. When I began working w W9, I told my doctor that I was incredibly frustrated that I have the eating and exercise habits of someone who weighs 50 lbs less than I do, but couldn't lose weight despite my best efforts. With my doctor's help, especially her diagnosis of food sensitivities I never knew I had, and with the guidance of the W30, I finally feel like my inside and outside self can be one and the same.

Beyond weight loss, I am finally running again after 8 years of injuries and frustration. Similar to my feelings on weight loss, I had resigned myself to being someone who just couldn't run anymore. And again, with the help of Chi Running and W9, I've eliminated that resignation.

When I started running/training for a triathlon in June, it took me 32:00 to run/walk 2 miles.

With Chi Running strategies and W9 concepts, I ran a 5K in July in 42:00.

By the end of September (and close to the end of my first W30), I ran a 5.2-mile leg of a marathon relay in 1:06.

And today just after ending my second W30, I ran a 4-mile road race in 43:20.

My splits have dropped from 16:00 to 13:30 to 12:40 to 10:48. I actually finished today's race sprinting to the finish line w one of my former athletes who is still in her twenties :) and today's time for a 4 mile race was almost the same as my 5K in July!

In March 2004, I ran the New Bedford Half Marathon w my sister, but was plagued by so many injuries before and after the race that I never thought I'd run another half. Now I'm registered for Rock n Roll DC in March.

Among the many things I'm grateful for this Thanksgiving, I'm grateful for Dallas & Melissa's work and the guidance of the Whole 9/30 community. You are literally changing my life. God bless you!

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