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Starting Monday! Sorry, pumpkin spice lattes...


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I've done several diets and cleanses, including some pretty weird ones my sister talked me into. Only a sister's love could convince me to only eat steak and tomatoes for a whole week...definitely not into the starvation thing, that's for sure. But the best one I did was one of my own design, slightly influenced by the 13 day diet and the MasterCleanse. I ate only raw or lightly cooked vegetables and shirataki noodles for a whole week. And by the end of it, I felt GREAT. Probably from getting all those toxins out of my system and overflowing my digestive tract with so many nutrients and so much roughage. But obviously that's not a diet anyone can maintain, of course. That's why this diet is so attractive to me. It's realistic!

I know it's going to be so hard at first: believe me, we live two blocks from a Trader Joe's and our house is FULL of snacks right now...but as someone who has had the willpower to give things up in the past, like caffeine and smoking and soda, I know that once you make it to a certain point, your body won't even WANT all that junk anymore. When you realize how much sugar and crap is in all these things we eat on an everyday basis, and you start eating way healthier, you're going to wonder why you spent so long poisoning yourself when all it does is make you feel good for a minute then make you feel like crap for forever. But I guess part of it is so many people are better at self-indulgence rather than self-care. I know I'm really good at saying things like, "I deserve to eat this pint of ice cream because I worked really hard today," when I should be saying, "I worked really hard today, so I'm going to reward myself with a long walk with the dog and a bubble bath with my new book."

The trick for me is going to be not just completing this program, but actually maintaining and not just going back to my poison ways as soon as I have a hard day at work...so any suggestions for how other people committed would be great. 

Here's to trying again, and committing this time!

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