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OK, point taken.


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I finished my first Whole 30 on Tuesday. So yesterday (Thanksgiving), I threw caution to the wind and enjoyed whatever happened to be passed in front of me. Bread, stuffing, pumpkin pie, cheese, beer... and late night snacking on leftovers.

My first stomach ache started around 4pm, at which point I took a nap for an hour. The bloating and my second stomach ache started around 8pm, and lasted until I went to bed. Woke up today bloated and still not felling well. Enjoyed a Whole 30 compliant breakfast; looking at my husbands toast made me want to puke.

I actually think this was the best way to drive home the whole point of the Whole 30. Alright, I get it, these things are bad for me and make me feel sick!

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