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julie's whole 30/until xmas


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today is the first official whole30 day - i know i have an addiction to stevia so for the past couple days (leading up to today) i've cut back on it. i used to be really lean but i've put on weight and i'm just not happy with myself anymore - hoping the whole30 will help reset my hormones, get my cravings under control & help me lose that dreaded belly fat. i also lift heavy weights 4x a week with some cardio mixed in

today so far:

preworkout (7AM): 32oz water - no BCAAs which i usually drink pre/during my workout - getting rid of them for 30 days as well

workout: heavy upper body weight lifting + 30 minutes stairmaster

meal 1 (PWO) - 9:30AM : 1 sweet potato (prob about 3 oz) + 1/2c canned pumpkin (Libbys) scrambled with 1 egg & 4 egg whites with 1/2 cup almond milk sprinkled 100% dark cocoa powder on top with some unsweetened coconut flakes

feeling tired & cranky but motivated - i know xmas is not that far away and i have good will power to get through it

no coffee or tea - felt a little hungry about a half an hour later so i had some sliced turkey with bacon roasted brussel sprouts

meal 2 (1:15PM): big salad with roasted broccoli, broccoli slaw & green beans (roasted the broccoli in a bit of coconut oil), with a big piece of salmon (probably 4ozish) & half an avocado. dressing of dijon mustard mixed with water & fresh lemon juice & a container of fresh raspberries

meal 2 1/2 (3:30PM):

felt snacky around 3:30 before going out for a bit so i had a carrot stick with some almond butter & a slice of roasted turkey breast

meal 3: 5:40PM: (before going out to happy hour): 3oz can of tuna mixed with 1/4 avocado, curry powder, deli mustard & lime juice scooped into iceberg lettuce cups with a package of trader joe's seaweed snacks <-- realized the TJs seaweek snacks aren't whole30 too many ingredients - have to buy the sea snax version

i've had two cups of tea today (unsweetened) & 2 bottles of seltzer - feeling pretty good about this i think the hardest thing is getting past the stevia

going to a happy hour fundrasier/lounge type place with girlfriends - should be fun - i'm driving so i'll be sipping water or club soda tonight! plan on having some eggs when i get home later

Meal 4: when I got home from happy hour 9:30ish- 6 egg whites, turkey breast, arugula & peppers cooked in coconut oil with a dollop of almond butter and roasted brussels sprouts.

Feel good for day 1 - time for a cup of tea with NO stevia!

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Most almond milk comes with too many chemical ingredients to qualify as good food. The various milks in the cooler at the grocery store flunk the ingredient test. About the only way to get good almond milk is to make it yourself.

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Hey Julie,

congrats - good start for day 1!

I'm pretty new to this, in fact, I decided to start Whole30 just a couple of hours ago right after stumbling across the website and reading "don't postpone, start now, don't make excuses, there is always a family get-together or dinner with friends coming up" ;)

What would you think about teaming up for the challenge? It might make things a little easier to do this together.

Reading your post I have identified at least 3 things we have in common: today is day 1 for both of us, we want to get rid of our cravings, and we love working out.

I'd be happy to have a team and we could both blog and exchange thoughts on this thread - in case you don't like the idea, don't worry, just let me know and I'll leave you in peace :)

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woke up feeling really great - i decided to do an 8am yoga class this morning since my hips are feeling super tight. drank 32oz water then went to class - thought about what to make for breakfast during class

meal 1 (9:30AM): 2 eggs/2 egg whites & a slice of turkey breast cooked in coconut oil with broccoli slaw, arugula & basil - added in three spices (cinnamon, cocoa powder & chili powder) that were random but seemed to work perfectly then topped the scramble with a heaping scoop of unsweetened coconut flakes - which i'm becoming mildly obsessed with. had green tea on the side

feeling good! going to get some recipes together today to cook up for the work week - i think my biggest struggle is going to be working out so early then a post workout meal (quick because i'm always on the run) then meal 1 -- suggestions welcome!

felt a little snacky so i munched 4-5 pre cooked sweet potato moons later in the morning

went food shopping then came home to make lunch - was craving a HUGE salad

meal 2: (1PM): broccoli, broccoli slaw, shredded brussel sprouts & green beans roasted at 450 for 25 minutes in italian seasonings & coconut oil - on a BIG salad with red lettuce, plain white meat turkey (from Trader Joes) & half an avocado, made a salad dressing of dijon mustard, lemon juice, balsamic vinegar & water. DELICIOUS!

my sister also brought me home a huge unsweetened iced tea from dunkin donuts - drank it without any sweetener for my first time ever - not too shabby!

snacked on about 1/4 cup raspberries mid afternoon with some Trader Joe's vanilla & cinnamon black tea

meal 2.5 (4:30): came home from being out for a bit and wanted a small snack - had a carrot stick with 1 tsp of almond butter & a few pieces of white chicken breast with some leftover thanksgiving roasted brussel sprouts & a hot cup of apricot tea!

for dinner i made coconut & almond meal baked chicken breasts which turned out delicious!

meal 3: (7:30PM): coconut & almond meal chicken breast with roasted buttercup squash on roasted broccoli & broccoli slaw - with a little salsa verde on top - SO delicious!

felt really satisfied with high energy the whole day - i think i can get used to this!

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Hey Julie,

great job on all the preparing and cooking!

I was rather on the lazy side today because I went skiing and was out all day.

Can you imagine I dreamt last night that I had taken sweets from a friend and only remembered afterwards that I had that Whole30 thing going on? I was relieved when I woke up and found that I hadn't done it - that sounds like a messed up mind, right? Well, my excuse for sleeping badly and having weird dreams was that I had to get up at 5 a.m. to go skiing.

Had sliced raw hokkaido squash, an apple, hazelnuts and peppermint tea for breakfast - and felt quite heroic withstanding my beloved pretzels that were offered on the bus on the way to the ski resort.

We went crazy on the slopes with wonderful sunshine, great snow and a lot of fun.

Stopped for a short lunchbreak - nobody wanted to stop, but we were all starving ;)

Found it a little hard to make a good choice at the mountain cabin (never realized that it was all fast carbs and grains), but then I found a hearty goulash soup that would keep me going and didn't contain too much meat.

That last bit made you wonder, right? Well, I've been veg*n for 20 years and now I have finally decided that if it doesn't make me feel as good as I would like to feel, maybe I finally need to change that and see whether it affects anything, especially the cravings. So I need to take it slowly on the meat side, make good choices etc.

After a full day of skiing dozed away on the bus after more hokkaido, another apple, and more nuts. Just got out of the shower and had a leftover serving of cabbage soup and now I'm drop dead tired and I guess I will sleep very well ;)

What was good: less hungry than expected

Not so good: headache yesterday and today afternoon/evening again, not the worst I've had, but nagging all the same. I guess my body needs to let go of the carb highs, so I'll just go to sleep, that should help. Good night!

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I was pissed yesterday when I realized that the bacon & all natural chicken sausage I bought from Trader Joe's had more ingredients (cane sugar) then I assumed it would! I didn't cook with it so thank god!

today I woke up early to hit the gym for a heavy legs day - I had half a chicken breast with a smear of almond butter on top - I usually workout fasted but today I woke up pretty hungry!

meal 1 (9:45AM): PWO: 1 egg/4 egg whites scrambled with one sweet potato & 1/4 cup of canned pumpkin (cinnamon & pumpkin pie spice) with unsweetened coconut flakes on top

cup of coffee with a splash of coconut milk

meal 1.5(11:45PM): a little early snack - off to grab coffee with a friend and didn't want to get the hunger beast while i was there & then going out to run errands so I had an egg/ground turkey mini fritatta while i was running out the door!


meal 2 (3:30PM): after a long coffee date (thank god i had that muffin before i left!) came home and made a big old salad of roasted broocoli, broccoli slaw in coconut oil with chicken breast & half an avacado - also snacked on some fresh raspberries

snacked on a carrot and a swipe of almond butter between dinner & meal 2 & also some eggplant i roasted in cinnamon & nutmeg

meal 3 (7:30PM): sauteed kale & brussel sprouts in ghee, coconut aminos & a dijon mustard/water/lemon juice mixture threw in some leftover thanksgiving turkey breast and topped it off with trader joe's green salsa verde & had a side of about 2 cups worth of buttercup squash roasted in cinnamon & nutmeg!

i will end the night with some tea, homeland & perhaps a teaspoon of almond butter!

feeling good - first week of work on W30 starts tomorrow! got my meals all packed up and ready to go!

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Hey Julie,

I know the feeling of "blimey, here I was thinking that I bought good stuff and then I find out again that it is junk" ;)

We'll get better at detecting it, I'm sure. I like the mini frittatas - did you make them in a special dish? Or did you use a cupcake dish to make them?

I had a wonderful grandma 90s birthday lunch today and found out that Greek restaurants use more sauces than I was aware of and I had to scrape off my calamari as they were baked instead of grilled (as the menu had promised). As I woke up late (needed 11 hours of sleep after the skiing) I had no time left for breakfast and drove to my grandma's with my brothers who were nice enough to drive 20 miles extra to pick me up.

Lunch was salad with lots of olives for starters and then fish and calamari with broccoli. Lots of water (in 3 hours with grandma and cousins you talk a lot :) followed by an espresso.

That headache from yesterday didn't want to leave, but right now, after an hour of sweat-like-crazy workout it has vanished - interesting.

Dinner was two handfull of peanuts because that is the only thing I still have in the house that works somehow (need to go shopping tmrw) although I remember reading that I'm not supposed to have them - but why is that? How are they different from other nuts that I shouldn't have them? They have the same protein/fat/carbs percentages as other nuts.

This was a good start, keep rocking!


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Dinner was two handfull of peanuts because that is the only thing I still have in the house that works somehow (need to go shopping tmrw) although I remember reading that I'm not supposed to have them - but why is that? How are they different from other nuts that I shouldn't have them? They have the same protein/fat/carbs percentages as other nuts.

Peanuts are not "nuts" like Macadamias, hazelnuts and cashews, etc. which are tree nuts. Peanuts are legumes, like chick peas, (garbanzos) black beans and lentils. That's why they are not allowed on the whole30.

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Oh no kittykat. Peanuts are really inflammatory..... Far worse than a bit of sugar....... One of the whole30 daily emails said if you are trying your best and some accidental sugar might have been present in a sauce you had its up to you whether you keep going or restart depending on your goals. But if you had any alcohol, dairy, gluten or legumes (I think) you really need to start again as even a small amount of these will take your body two weeks to recover from the inflammatory response, even if you don't see it....

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Hi guys,

thanks for your replies - I knew they are not real "nuts" but legumes - and I even now remember hearing somewhere some time ago they were inflammatory.

I've found different opinions on that in the web (surprise, surprise ;)) but I don't mind kicking them for a couple of weeks to see whether it makes a difference.

In fact I did feel quite "heavy" this morning and was wondering where that came from - maybe it even was from the peanuts.

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First day back to work since I've started! Got my meal 1 and meal 2 packed up and a bag of cashews in my bag for emergency purposes. I think the hardest thing is still going to be no stevia especially in my AM coffee. Time to drink it plain black. I had it with coconut milk yesterday and didn't love it

Woke up- ate a few pieces of leftover thanksgiving turkey preworkout.

5AM-6AM heavy upper body + elliptical intervals

6:20 PWO: large sweet potato, pumpkin and 4 egg whites/ .5 cup of liquid egg whites scrambled up with cinnamon & cocoa powder

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Yep, my black coffee just now (after a delicious D4 lunch of sautéed oyster mushrooms on a bed of cabbage and zucchini) also made it easier for me to not even desire another cup today ;)

Breakfast was only fruits today that I bought on my way to the subway (lucky me that the fruit stall was already open) - need to buy eggs for tomorrow... and emergency nuts, good hint, Julie!

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continuing from this AM...

i'm TOTALLY addicted to my ground turkey frittatas! i was starving at 8:30 when i got to work so I dove right into meal 1

Meal 1 (8:30AM): turkey frittata muffin with green beans, mushrooms & cauliflower roasted in a spritz of truffle oil & whole30 approved homemade bbq sauce (which I made last night and ADORE) 1 cup of blackberries & black coffee (i did it and it was tasty - no stevia!)

had a training at work so lunch came at 12:30 - could have held out a little longer but no other option!

Meal 2 (12:45PM): leftover thanksgiving turkey with half an avocado on a salad of arugala and kale/brussel sprouts sauteed in ghee (leftover from last night's dinner) -- delicious! had a cup of mint tea afterwards!

i'm finding that avocado is definitely the most satisfying fat - i think because of the carb levels?

was feeling a little snacky around 4 so I ate about 7 almonds, 3 cashews & a small package of seaweed snax in chipotle - spicy!

Meal 3 (7:30pm): for dinner I roasted up some broccoli, broccoli slaw, and brussel sprout shreds and had a giant piece of meatza with eggplant & spinach walnut pesto - it was delicious!

Had a tiny teaspoon of almond butter around 8pm and ended the night completely satisfied with a cup of tea!

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D5 and still rocking :)

Had a salad with tuna for dinner yesterday because I was hungry before bouldering, along with a handfull of nuts.

Rest of the salad with nuts for breakfast this morning after workout.

My headache is gone, I feel energized and I am less hungry in general than I expected. Must have been a real carb roller coaster in my body the past 15 years... phew, glad that I'm leaving that behind now.

You guys are helping me a lot as I feel in good company.


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