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julie's whole 30/until xmas


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DAY 5 - FEELING GOOD! woke up with a lot of energy today! i think it's the increased fats and i'm suprisingly doing good with less carbs than i'm used to!

woke up drank 32oz of water then hit the gym for some stairmill HIIT - did some abs afterwards

i wasn't sure if post workout meals count for days of just cardio too - or if it's only for days of weight lifting...will look more into that

6:15AM (PWO): 1 small sweet potato, 1/2 cup pumpkin + 6 egg whites scrambled with pumpkin pie spice & cinnamon

STARVING by the time i got to work at 8:30 so i dug right into breakfast!

Meal 1 (8:30AM): 1 blueberry breakfast sausage patty with half an avacado, roasted green beans, cauliflower & mushrooms

+ cup of black coffee!

many cups of tea throughout the AM

Meal 2 (1:30PM): easy make-ahead fish curry on spinach with a passionberry kombucha on the side - DELICIOUS here is the recipe i based it off of...


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Finishing out DAY 5:

Snacked on some carrots and about 10 almonds and 3 cashews around 4pm

Meal 3 (7:30PM): sautéed veggies (brussels, broccoli & kale) in ghee & coconut aminos topped with leftover chicken breast with homemade whole30 approved BBQ sauce! Delicious and super satisfying!

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Julie, I love that dessert! I need to remember that in case the sweet craving hits me :)

D5 finish - lunch: sautéed oyster mushrooms with broccoli and fennel in a coconut sauce. Some unsweetened coconut flakes with my black coffee in the afternoon.

- dinner: a small entrée of fried prawns in spicy tomato, a main course of salad with chicken breast.

D6 - woke up energized and really surprisingly fit (after a work meeting that had lasted until midnight)

- breakfast: mango, kiwi, and mixed nuts

- lunch: will be brocoli and fennel with coconut again (being single you always end up eating close to the same at least twice ;)

The sky is grey here but I have the sun shining on my face - have a great day all of you!

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DAY 6! I was telling my mom last night how much I'm enjoying this program and how it's more like a normal person eats then I've ever done before - 3 meals a day instead of 5-6 mini meals where you're consistently thinking of your next meal - I'm listening to my body more than ever and really enjoying the taste of good real food! Not having stevia isn't that bad!

Rest day from the gym today and I was supposed to go walking but ended up just sleeping through my alarm! Oh well! Woke up and made a beastly breakfast

MEAL 1 (7:45am): arugula, peppers and a blueberry breakfast sausage cooked in coconut oil with 5 egg whites and sweet potato wedges topped with crunchy almond butter and unsweetened coconut flakes! YUM! Black coffee on the side! I've been drinking flavored k-cups hope that's okay!

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I found this on the Keurig website...

Do any of your K-Cup® packs contain gluten?


All of the coffees offered in K-Cup® packs are gluten and gluten by product-free. The Café Escapes French Vanilla Café-au-Lait K-Cup® pack contains small amounts of wheat. The Timothy's Lemon Blueberry Tea K-Cup® pack contains malted oats.

For additional nutritional information on a particular K-Cup® pack, we suggest you contact the Roaster directly.

Is there any fat or sugar in your K-Cup® packs?


Coffee and tea K-Cup® packs do not contain fat or sugar. Natural and artificial flavorings added to coffee do not add any significant nutritional value. A cup of regular black coffee will contain approximately 2-4 calories (less than 1 gram carbohydrates) and 0 fats. Flavored coffees will add 0.8 calories, 0.3 grams carbohydrates and 0 fats.

Hot cocoa K-Cup® packs, Perfect Iced Tea K-Cup® packs and Café Escapes® K-Cup® packs do contain sugar. Please refer to the K-Cup® packs detail page for specific information about a K-Cup® packs.


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DAY 6 contd..

Meal 2 (1pm): leftover eggplant & walnut pesto meatza on leftover sautéed veggies for lunch

Meal 2.5 (4pm) I got a little sleepy/bored at work so I had a mini blueberry breakfast sausage that I had at work with 2 handfuls of carrots

Meal 3 (7:30pm) I wasn't hungry at all for dinner but I ended up making a HUGE salad of roasted vegetables with leftover grilled chicken & roasted rutabaga. Topped it with paleo homemade BBQ sauce and Dijon mustard/lemon juice/water dressing.

Didn't have much activity today maybe that's why I wasn't too hungry but I'm still feeling good! I feel like I've been doing this longer than 6 days though!

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Julie, is that good or bad that it feels you've been doing it longer than 6 days?

D6 afternoon snack were a banana and nuts (felt rather hungry) and dinner was veggie and chicken soup.

D7 started, after I finally managed to get good quality eggs, with scrambled eggs and fruits.

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Officially a week in and I feel fantastic! Everyone keeps asking if I notice a difference and I'm sleeping like a gem and have lots of energy! I haven't seen a decrease in workout performance either - the one thing is I would just LOVE a cup of hot chocolate right now!

DAY 7:

4:45am preworkout ate a small chicken breast with a smudge of almond butter on top - I used to workout fasted but I'm finding myself hungry when I wake up

PWO Meal (6:20am): sweet potato/pumpkin egg white scramble

Meal 1 (9am) I wasn't too hungry at this point but I ate regardless because I knew my body needed some fuel! I had a mini vegetable frittata with roasted green beans and mushrooms and paleo friendly BBQ sauce with an orange on the side. Also had Starbucks Blonde roast grande totally black! I have to say it tastes delicious!

This kept me full for so long! The next time I was hungry was around 1:30 but I had a meeting so Meal 2 came around 2:30

Meal 2 (2:30pm): roasted kale & brussel sprouts with eggplant pesto meatza and 1/3 avocado. Also had 2 almonds after just for a little crunch.

Felt snacky around 4pm so I had 5 cashews to hold me over until dinner.

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to finish off last night got home for dinner and was REALLY sick of meaty/meat so i made a HUGE stirfry of kale, broccoli, & brussel sprouts in ghee & coconut oil and half with 1 & 1/2 tilapia filets with Trader Joe's salsa verde on top - was SUPER full afterwards - probably ate too much! drank water & went to bed

DAY 8:

woke up this morning for upper body & some cardio

5AM preworkout: ate 1/2 cup cage free liquid egg whites with a smidge of almond butter

5:30-6:30 workout

PWO Meal (6:45AM): 4 egg whites+1/2 cup liquid egg whites (cage free) scrambled with 1 medium sweet potato & 1/2 cup canned pumpkin - had a small black coffee on the way to work

felt super puffy today/after workout - first day this whole week that i've felt blah!

10AM and not hungry for Meal 1 yet! Brought delicious food to work but I'm trying to listen to my hunger cues and eat only when I'm hungry!

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felt super puffy today/after workout - first day this whole week that i've felt blah!

Julie, no worries, I'm sure you'll be fine again in a couple of hours. A little nap after work maybe?

I'm having a bit of a hard day as well, headache again and can't get rid of it.

I'm still admiring you for cooking so much and listening to your body so well, keep that up, you go girl - I'm working on myself ;)

Btw: We're already past 25% of the 30 days - but it's not really about the statistics, I will probably be going longer if it feels good.

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Continuing from yesterday - I felt SUPER bloated and gross all day! I have no idea why! Hope I'm not eating too much..

Meal 2 (3pm) I wasn't hungry but I had a veggie frittata and broccoli anyways!

Meal 3 (7:30pm) still not hungry but I had a tilapia filet and a half on a big salad with roasted acorn squash and whole30 BBQ sauce

I was feeling super snacky around 9:30 and even though I wasn't hungry I had some egg whites scrambled with cocoa powder and some almond butter

DAY 8:

Woke up this AM feeling a little hungry but still bloated and iffy -WHY!?

Had a doctors appointment so I made a quick egg, acorn squash & kale scramble in coconut oil and cinnamon and topped with almond butter!

Still trucking along! I'm heading into the city today so we'll be dining out - I'm sure I can manage whole30 out - just eat real food!

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DAY 8 continued! Was out and about all day yesterday and I did really well!

For lunch I had a large salad with canned tuna and a boiled egg on top with red wine vinegar and olive oil on the side. Used grey poupon and after I saw that there were traces of sugar - was pissed at first but got over it.

Walked around the city shipping all day and grabbed and apple and 5-6 cashews when I was hungry mid afternoon - resisted the biscotti that my sister and mom shared!

For dinner I had another large salad with steamed broccoli on the side and grilled chicken with avocado. Balsamic vinegar as a dressing!

That was it for the night - went to a party drank club soda and had a good time! Feeling good- less bloated yesterday! Hope the sugar in the mustard didn't throw things off too much.

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DAY 9 - Sunday 12/2

Slept late today because i was SO tired from walking around in the cold last night - had 6-7 almonds preworkout. Then went to the gym for a heavy lower body day


Postworkout/breakfast had sweet potato/egg/egg whites and pumpkin scramble - I was still really hungry about an hour later so I had a 1/3 cup grass fed 85% lean beef over iceberg lettuce before running errands. (10:30am)

Black clover coffee from Starbucks. - delicious!

MEAL 2: (2pm) came home from errands hungry! Had 4oz of chicken with half an avocado on roasted broccoli, green beans and spinach. Blackberries on the side. Was still hungry a little while later - had a carrot with a swipe of almond butter

3:30pm felt really tired so thought I needed a snack - had 1/2cup cage free liquid egg whites scrambled with carrots and cinnamon and topped with unsweetened cocoa powder and coconut flakes

MEAL 3/4: made paleo shrimp scampi for dinner over spaghetti squash. It was made with ghee, olive oil, lemon juice and fresh basil - shrimp and TJs seafood medley. Had it over a big salad of roasted broccoli, brussel sprouts and spinach with roasted eggplant as well - delicious but I prob ate too much!

FULL now ill have some tea and call it a night!

This week I need to be better at portion sizes - I think I think because I'm eating bigger meals I should eat a lot more - which I should eat more but I should also stop eating before I get uncomfortably full!

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DAY 10!

I'm really loving this program - I'm pretty sure that once the holidays are over I can do another 30 days - or I'll just a post with just a few additions like a drop of stevia in my AM coffee - things like that, etc. I might even be able to get some people to join the challenge with me!

Pre-workout (5AM): woke up a little hungry & knew I wanted to get a good lifting session in. Ate a few cubes of plain chicken breast & about 4 almonds...

Post-Workout (6:45AM): had premade sweet potato & egg white scramble - it was about 1/2 cup sweet potato with 1/2 cup canned pumpkin & 6 egg whites - no fat PWO! mixed in some unsweetened cocoa powder too!

felt a little lethargic around 9:30AM so I decided to dig into my Meal 1 - needed some FATS!

MEAL 1 (9:45AM): mini vegetable fritatta (made yesterday with eggs & Trader Joe's Apple Sausage (W30 approved!) on green beans, mushrooms, brussel sprouts with half an avocado & a scoop of W30 BBQ sauce (which I made again yesterday and LOVE), black coffee too - i might also have one of the necterines i brought to work

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continuing DAY 10:

MEAL 2: ate around 1:45pm had leftover crockpot curry chicken (about 5oz) a big salad of roasted kale & broccoli (dinner leftover) made my own dressing of Dijon mustard, red wine vinegar and water. Was stuffed after this!

Snacked in 10 almonds around 4:30

MEAL 3: had ground beef lettuce wraps - cooked the 85% lean grass fed ground beef in coconut oil, cinnamon and chili powder. Had it in lettuce wraps with roasted broccoli slaw and about 2 cups of cinnamon roasted delicata squash on the side. Ended dinner with a teaspoon of almond butter!

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Thanks Juzbo! That's so sweet of you!

DAY 11: I feel like I've been doing this longer than 11 days but it seems to come quite naturally now.

Did some stairmaster HIIT this AM

PWO/meal 1 (6:45am): eggs/egg whites & sweet potato scramble (2 small sweet potatoes) in coconut oil topped with coconut flakes (unsweetened) + black coffee at the office

Meal 2 (12pm): LUNCH - HUGE salad of kale and rbroccoli with 4oz if chicken and half an avocado with an olive oil, mustard and water dressing. Side of blackberries

Meal 2.5 (3:30pm) mini vegetable frittata and sliced peppers to munch on

Meal 3 (7:30pm); lots of veggies sautéed in coconut oil with a stir fry sauce of coconut milk, lime juice, rice vinegar and choulu topped with leftover red curry crockpot chicken. A teaspoon of almond butter to end the night!

Feeeeeling good!

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DAY 12:

Started off this AM with a nice hour walk at 5:30am. Took longer than normal but when I came home made a quick big fat omelet

MEAL 1 (7:45am): 1 egg/4 egg whites, 3oz chicken breast, kale & peppers cooked in half a tsp of coconut oil. With about a cup of leftover delicata squash and 1 tsp of raw cashew butter

MEAL 2 (1pm): broight the wrong Tupperware to work today for lunch so it ended up being last nights stirfry leftovers with an insane amount of tRader joes just salmon which I picked up at lunch - probably over half the package. Had a container of raspberries after and was STUFFED!

No need to snack in between lunch and dinner because I was so full!

Not sure what's on the dinner menu - probably turkey cutlet with butternut squash and roasted broccoli!

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DAY 12: to continue from last night's dinner

MEAL 3 (7:30PM): roasted broccoli, kale & butternut squash with a baked turkey breast - topped it with w30 bbq sauce which i'm totally addicted to!

i was actually still pretty hungry/snacky after dinner so i made a nice little w30 approved after dinner treat -TOTALLY sugar free!

i combined: 1/2cup liquid egg whites, 1T almond meal, 2T cocoa powder, 1T canned pumpkin in a microwave safe bowl - nuked it for 1 minute on high then stirred and nuked it again for 1 minute 30 seconds - let it cool - slice in half and topped each half with almond butter (crunchy & non crunchy because i couldn't decide)


DAY 13:

started off the day with half of a turkey breast (from last night) + 3 almonds before the gym bright and early (4:50AMish)

had a great lower body workout with deadlifts, barbell bear complex, walking overhead lunges & finished it with a kettlebell finisher

came home and refueld

PWO Meal (6:30AM): turkey breast cutlet, 1/2 cup of egg whites & a big fat sweet potato with cinnamon & pumpkin pie spice

+ black Dunkin Donuts coffee on the way to work

got to work and got hungry again around 9:30

MEAL 1 (9:30AM): mini vegetable fritatta (made with eggs & TJs apple sausage-W30 approved) + green beans, 1/2 avocado & a gingerberry kombucha

FULL and satisfied after this!

MEAL 2 (1:30PM): wasn't so hungry but decided to eat lunch anyways - BIG salad of ice berg lettuce & roasted broccoli/broccoli slaw with leftover crockpot red curry chicken & a sprinkling of unsweetened coconut flakes - hit the spot!

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Thanks kb - I can see your point but I just don't get how it wouldn't be approved if it is all Whole30 approved items microwaved - would it be different if I scrambled them and had it for breakfast or ate them separately? Don't mean this in a rude way at all - but I guess I just don't see how it's not Whole30 approved if it's all approved products cooked together?

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DAY 13 continued...

MEAL 3 (7PM): I had roasted broccoli slaw & shredded brussel sprouts mixed with white fish/salmon mixture - and at them in iceberg lettuce wraps with W30 BBQ sauce on top - also had one rolled in a Nori sheet which I tried for my first time - I should have toasted it before rolling - it was alittle hard. Also had baked sweet potato slices (in cinnamon & unsweetened coconut) topped with crunchy almond butter. + a cup of tea to end the night!

DAY 14 (Friday 12/7/12)

I wanted to go to the gym this AM but forgot to set my alarm clock! Silly me- I overslept by 2 hours and had to grab whatever was in the fridge to eat for breakfast at work because I was literally running out the door!

MEAL 1 (8:30AM): black coffee with light coconut milk - officially obsessed with the Starbucks blonde roast made in the Clover machine, mini vegetable fritatta & a turkey breast cutlet over roasted green beans and brussel sprouts with w30 BBQ sauce + 3 carrot sticks with about 1T of almond butter on the side. LOTS of water!

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Julie, there are many posts by the moderators regarding this. It's also explained in the book. It's known as SWYPO (sex with your pants on) and goes against the spirit of the W30 and changing your relationship with food. I think I saw Tom reply to your recipe that was posted in another thread. Hopefully a mod will chime in with a better explanation. :)

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