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julie's whole 30/until xmas


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Here is the best explanation I could find Julie!

In addition, no Paleo-ifying dessert or junk food choices. Trying to shove your old, unhealthy diet into a shiny new Whole30 mold will ruin your program faster than you can say, “Paleo pizza.†This means no desserts or junk food made with “approved†ingredients—no coconut-flour pancakes, almond-flour muffins, flourless brownies, or coconut milk ice cream. Don't try to replicate junk food during your 30 days! That misses the point of the Whole30 entirely.

I copied that from here: http://whole9life.com/2012/08/the-whole30-program/

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DAY 14 continued!

Had a strawberry kombucha between meal 1 and 2 because I didn't have time to eat lunch before a meeting and was dragging a bit!

Meal 2 (1:45pm) a big salad of roasted broccoli and iceberg lettuce with leftover salmon/tilapia mix from last night and a scrambled egg pancake (just an egg scrambled and cooked like a flat pancake in coconut oil) sliced the fried egg pancake in top of the salad and made a salad dressing out of mustard and water. A small container if blackberries to follow

Snacked on about 6 cashews btwn lunch and dinner - really loving cashews lately!

MEAL 3: coconut & lime baked chicken breasts mixed into a broccoli slaw stirfry (broccoli slaw, broccoli & kale stir feted in coconut oil, coconut aminos and chili powder. Ate the mix as lettuce wraps topped with tJs organic salsa (w30 approved). Also had baked sweet potato slices on the side!

Delicious and simple Friday night dinner! Drinking seltzer now!

Excited to try my first crossfit class on Sunday!!

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Coconut/lime & basil baked chicken recipe: SUPER easy I just marinated chicken breasts in coconut milk, chopped basil, coconut aminos, the juice of a full lime and 1 tablespoon of melted coconut oil. Let them marinade for about 15-30 minutes then bake at 400 for about 20 minutes! One of my fav quick and easy ways to make chicken. Plus you can always marinade the chicken and freeze with the marinade on it - defrost it over night and bake it when you get home from work!

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I used to make lots of gluten free dairy free low sugar baked treats before whole9 but in hind sight they often triggered more craving for junk. I also drank cocoa every night. I found it hard to accept the no swypo 'guideline' but I think it was crucial to my success in changing my eating habits. I had blueberries with coconut milk four or five times., and a pancake or two but with a meal or as a wo snack. I felt that was infrequent enough to not be a habit. Also it was important that i could view it as nutritious food rather than as a dessert or treat. I think it worked as post whole30 I haven't gone 'right what can I make for dessert' yet... Fingers crossed I can keep it that way.

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DAY 15 - Saturday 12/8 was a pretty good day! I was out and about running lots of errands so I ended up sticking to three solid meals & a PWO snack

pre-workout I had half of a chicken breast with 5-6 almonds. For a workout I did an upper body heavy lifting day (chest/back/triceps) and 20 minutes on the stairmill just to warm up

PWO (9:30AM): eggs/egg whites scrambled with pumpkin & a large sweet potato with cinnamon & pumpkin pie spice - also munched on some leftover roasted brussel sprouts.

after i showered i was still a little hungry and I was out for half the day running errands so I packed up Meal 1 for on the go

MEAL 1 (11:30AM) leftover tilapia & salmon mix on steamed broccoli with half an avocado + 7ish almonds + black coffee - this held me over for SO long. i had a haircut appointment at 2:30 and didn't have time for a substantial meal so i decided i would make lunch when i came back from my haircut - had a carrot stick with a swipe of almond butter

MEAL 2 (3:30pm) BIG stirfry of broccoli, broccoli slaw & brussel sprouts in 1/2T coconut oil and threw in a leftover coconut lime chicken breast. topped the stir fry with Trader Joe's salsa verde. Then had a container of raspberries after. Delicious! raspberries are my fav!

I wasn't hungry at all between Meal 2 and dinner - which ended up working out great becasue we went out for dinner and didn't eat until close to 8PM

MEAL 3 (8PM) at a restaurant - ordered a chopped salad with lots of veggies (carrots, peppers, cucumbers, & spinach) with egg whites & grilled chicken breast and a side of steamed carrots/broccoli. used balsamic vinegar and dijon mustard as a dressing.

I was snacky when I came home so i had some blackberries with almond butter & coconut milk. I probably shouldn't have but at least everything was whole30 approved!

DAY 16 - Sunday 12/9

Woke up and was supposed to take my first crossfit class but it got cancelled! I was STARVING at 8AM so I had half a chicken breast with 3-4 almonds as a pre-workout snack. Since crossfit got cancelled I headed over to 9AM spin at my gym

When I got home I made a freaking delicious & whole30 approved amazing breakfast. Here's the link to it here at my blog:


MEAL 1/PWO (10AM) It was scarmbled egg whites & sweet potaot/pumpkin & cinnamon then topped it with a drippy fried egg (in coconut oil) and a slather of almond butter. I was pretty full for a while after this.

While I was out running errands/food shopping I had black coffee

MEAL 2 (2PM): A BIGGGG stir fry with coconut oil, coconut aminos, coconut lime chicken breast, lots of veggies & organic salsa on top. After I had a small very crunchy unripe but delicious pear.

I was NOT hungry for the rest of the day! Spent the afternoon cooking up this week's meals and making dinner

I was feeling sleepy/lethargic around dinner time so I knew it would be a good time to eat.

MEAL 3 (6:30P): LOTS of roasted broccoli (probably a whole head), some roasted kale/brussel sprouts, LOTS of roasted kabocha squash (probably about half a squash), with just plain white meat chicken breast & topped with W30 homemade BBQ sauce & about 6 chopped almonds.


ready to start the week! can't believe I'm halfway there - does anyone see any significant changes in the last half? when do you really start to feel the change - i think i've felt it for sure with completely cold turkey on stevia and fake food products - i've been SUPER good about making sure that the things I eat are w30 approved but I have to admit I'm anxious about adding some things in after!

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My skin got really soft and moist from about day 25. I lost a bit of fat the second half of the first week then seemed to stay stationary for another week or two, but lost quite a bit more in the third and fourth week. My mood has improved recently but I think I am still waiting for the full benefits... More energy, better sleep etc to come. It's very individual based on prior circumstances and natural tolerances

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DAY 16! can't believe I'm halfway there! I feel like it's been a lot longer but I'm definitely getting the hang out ULTRA checking labels. It's just odd how many things have sugar in them that you never would have thought before hand! I've started incoporating fruit into my diet on a daily basis - this is more than before I started the Whole30 plan - I'm wondering if this will hinder any progress - it might - but it sure as heck is better than the fake stuff!

Started off the day with a fasted lower body/heavy legs day. When I woke up I wasn't that hungry and just wanted to get out the door to the gym.

PWO (6:30AM): a HUGE sweet potato - monstrous. with cinnamon & pumpkin pie spice sprinkled on top. Also had 6 egg white omelet with no fats because it was PWO.

Meal 1 (8:30AM): I wasn't too hungry by then which I thought was weird because it's not like I had that large of a PWO meal. But I ate Meal 1 anyways. It was a big serving of a sweet potato, apple, spinach, sausage & extra lean ground turkey hash I made last night for the week. It was so delicous! I had it with leftover roasted broccoli & about 10-11 almonds. With a grande black coffee from Starbucks

Meal 2 (1:30PM): hungry by this point! Had a pretty big headache so I dove into my salad - kale, spinach, lots of carrots, a little over 4oz chicken breast, half an avocado & a couple spritzs of truffle olive oil - made a dressing out of TJs deli mustard and water. Also had a small orange after. Felt satisfied but not sure if I'm overdoing it with the fruit! I figured it was okay because it's legs day..

got a little hungry/ancy around 4PM and didn't have much on hand. Had about 6-8 mini bell peppers - which are quickly becoming my favorite veg to snack on and a tiny scoop of raw almond butter (because it was in my desk drawer) - can't belive I haven't had peanut butter in 16 days! i'm kind of in love with almond butter anyways now.

Dinner will probably be around 7PM and it will be leftover kabocha squash, roasted broccoli, this country chicken i made from the WellFed cookbook and probably Whole30 approved bbq sauce on top. I'm huungry already thinking about it!

If you're ever hungry after dinner what do you usually munch on? My appetite is ferocious today!

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last night after dinner I wasn't fully satisfied - I had roasted broccoli, kale, kabocha squash & the country chicken from Well Fed that I made on Sunday night. So a little while after dinner I scrambled up 5 egg whites with cinnamon and put a dollop of raw crunchy almond butter on top. hit the spot!

DAY 17 (12/11/12)

hit the gym bright and early today! some stairmill cardio with upper body heavy lift - looking forward to a rest day tomorrow

PWO (6:45AM): a BIG fat sweet potato with cinnamon + 1 egg/4 egg white omelet

surprisingly my PWO meal held me over for a pretty long time - about 4.5 hours! i was shocked because it wasn't that big

had a black coffee at work and dug into Meal 1 around 11AM

MEAL 1 (11AM): half of a coconut oil/chili powder/basil/coconut aminos stirfry I made last night (with broccoli, slaw, brussel sprouts, & dino kale) - put the stirfry on spinach and put a pretty decent sized serving (probably a little over 1 cup) of the sweet potato/apple/ground turkey hash I made on sunday night. topped it off with some TJs salsa verde


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continuing from yesterday DAY 17 continued

Meal 2 came around 3PM when I got finished with with a meeting: It was leftover country chicken - 2 smaller pieces with green beans, mustard & about 10 almonds on the side and a small tangerine.

I was actually pretty hungry & lethargic around 5PM so I snacked on 3 cashews before I got home for dinner so I wouldn't ruin my dinner appetite but wouldn't chew my shoe off.

Meal 3 (7:30PM): a pretty decent sized piece of baked salmon (baked the salmon in ghee, truffle oil, lemon juice & TJs african smoke spice) - it was probably about a 4oz piece - ate it as a stir fry with leftover coconut oil stir fry veggies & W30 approved BBQ sauce in lettuce wraps. Ended the meal with a tsp of almond butter & a small sliced Bosc pear

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DAY 18

As soon as I woke up I was really hungry - ate a sliver of chicken with 3 almonds to hold me over through my walk until time for breakfast

started off the day with a nice 45 minute 2.5 mile early AM walk - grabbed some black coffee while I was out walking from a deli

Came home showered & made a BIG hearty breakfast.

MEAL 1 (7:45AM): a huge helping of leftover apple/potato/turkey hash - probably over a cups worth - on a bed of steamed spinach with leftover roasted cauliflower & a fried egg (in coconut oil) on top with a tsp of almond butter. delicious and totally held me over for at least 5 hours

got hungry for lunch around 12:30

MEAL 2 (1PM): BIG salad with spinach, roasted broccoli, carrots, & bean sprouts with leftover salmon (probably about 6oz) and about 2T of chopped walnuts. Made a dressing with truffle oil, mustard & red wine vinegar. The perfect lunch! I was satisfied - maybe on the full side but not uncomfortable. I'm definitely thinking this will hold me over until dinner! If not I brought a small piece of chicken I can munch on in between

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DAY 19 - yesterday (12/13)

Got in a good workout with deadlifts, barbell bear complex, walking lunges and 10 mins of full body HiIT

PWO (6:30am) egg/egg white omelet with butternut squash and cinnamon

Meal 1 (9:30am) green beans with leftover country chicken and blackberries on the side

I was actually hungry for lunch sooner than I thought I would have been - think I need more fat in meal 1

Meal 2 (1pm) big salad with lettuce and roasted broccoli, 1 whole can of tuna mixed with Dijon mustard and chuola, half an avocado and a mustard with water dressing

I was FULL after this and it actually held me over until dinner!

Snacked on some sliced bell peppers around 4:30

Meal 3 (7pm) big coconut oil, aminos and chili powder stir fry with lean ground beef (which I cooked in cinnamon, chili powder and paprika) ate the stirfry in lettuce wraps with w30 BBQ sauce. After dinner I had a roasted sweet potato in slices topped with almond butter

Seltzer and sleep!

DAY 20 took the morning off from the gym - I think my body and brain need a few days off. Got a good 9 hours of sleep!

Meal 1 (7:45am) egg/egg whites and sweet potato/pumpkin scramble with cinnamon and topped with almond butter and coconut flakes. Also had leftover stir fry veggies on the side

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DAY 20 continued...

Meal 1 kept me full for a really long time! i didn't get too hungry until around 1PM so I dug into lunch

had leftovers from last nights dinner with ground beef & blackberries on the side

snacked on some mini bell peppers around 3:30 and had about 5 cashews around 5PM.

Meal 3 (7PM) a big roasted kale salad with white meat chicken breast, a scrambled egg, 1/4 avacado & salsa as a dressing

I was doing SO good and then I had a major craving for hot chocolate and I caved SO bad - I'm really pissed at myself because now I'm in so much pain. I had unsweetened cocoa powder with stevia & steamed coconut milk -- I'm not sure if it's the stevia or the coconut milk - I usually get a bad pain from coconut milk but I haven't had stevia in 20 days and I'm not sure which it is! I shouldn't have caved but now I feel SUPER nauseous and definitely learned my lesson. I was 10 days away from the whole thing and now I feel in total reverse mode. I did great for the first week but I kind of feel like I stopped seeing any changes and now I just feel like I ruined it all! UGH!

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awww no good, but really i expected your were gonna say you had a huge hot chocolate with dairy milk and sugar so not even half as bad!! and i guess you can take it as a positive that you already noticed symptoms when you had the hot choc so you probably won't be doing it again. theres no point beating yourself up, just roll with and keep eating whats good for you! :)

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i decided after last night's slipup that i'm just going to keep on trucking along - there's no sense in crying over spilled milk so one night of a slipup isn't going to make a difference in the LONG run - especially coming from when I used to use stevia 5x a day and drink hot chocolate like it was my job - so I'm fine with having one cup of hot cocoa once in 20 days.

I'm also taking a few days off from the gym so I got a really good night of sleep woke up this morning feeling refreshed and made some breakfast to power me through shopping

DAY 21

MEAL 1 (9AM): 1 medium sweet potato, 1/4 cup ish of canned pumpkin + 1 egg and 4 egg whites scrambled with cinnamon topped with crunchy almond butter. also had some leftover roasted brussel sprouts dipped in salsa verde

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That's the spirit Julie. It is and should be whatever works best for you to achieve your goals! I have never had stevia and would be curious to know how it affects me but since I am only ever going to use rapidura, coconut sugar, honey and maple syrup I guess it's pointless to try... I had a non compliant stock cube on day27, it turned out to be a good thing as due to the reaction (onion?) I have eliminated them once and for all from my diet and they were a staple....

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Julie, how was your finish?

I'm sorry for dropping out - I learned that I needed to plan better and always have good choices available and I have changed my diet a lot so I'm already grateful for that experience.

Now I enjoyed family Christmas time with some treats that are off the list again from Jan 1st but I managed to stick with the overall principles and I feel quite good. I'm still looking forward to the more thorough cleansing by a whole Whole30 from Jan 1st onwards.

All the best for your 2013!

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