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Post Thanksgiving...

Arlene Thayer

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Yesterday was not only Thanksgiving but also my 27th day into my first Whole 30.

And, probably like most of us, my family does not want their Thanksgiving Paleo-ized!

Most of the stuff I made, was not Whole 30 compliant and I did not eat any of it. Not a taste, a lick, NA DA.

I'm too close to achieving my thirty days. No way I was gonna blow it! I did have stuff to eat that I wanted to eat and would enjoy eating include some berries with whipped coconut milk for dessert which I greatly enjoyed.

Most importantly, this morning...NO FOOD HANGOVER!!! No guilt, no shame, no big promises to do better...No downside at all.

I haven't had the big shift that a lot of people seem to report nor can I say my mind is free from a lot of thinking about food but I did have the sense when I looking at those processed carbs, I'm going to feel really rotten if I eat them...the same as how I got with alcohol many years ago...just don't want to feel the way I'm going to feel if I go THERE.

Now, it's time for lunch of turkey, homemade mayo with some Whole9 Cranberry sauce and a side salad. Yummo!

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Fantastic. Now if you had eaten it all, you'd have been feeling rotten and guilty and probably hungover. Instead, you enjoyed the day and you're feeling great because of your good choices :). Like you, I had no major shift or magic feeling like some people have, i just quietly know I'm nourishing my body and doing the best possible for it, and the crap? - it no longer appeals

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