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Hot Flash-Could it be the sugar?


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HI all! One of the surprise benefits of my Whole30 was the disappearance of hot flashes. At first, I didn't even notice. Then somewhere near the end I thought about it and couldn't remember my last hot flash (which had previously come several times a day).

Now, for Thanksgiving, I have been off-roading a bit....and what do you know...hot flashes. I am wondering if anyone knows which foods are the culprit. My intuition is that it is the sugar...since I have been mainly compliant otherwise...but who knows. Any thoughts?

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Did you have any alcohol? I also found my hot flashes went away. When I did a wine reintro - BAM - they were back. If I want a good night of sleep, I know I need to avoid wine or experience the misery of waking up with a hot flash. I was lucky last night that I was not affected by holiday off-roading!

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