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Loraine's Whole 30 - AGAIN


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I think I have worked out my problem. I have been putting weight on, and I really would like to get a whole load off. I think this is due to over eating on fruit. In the past week I have eaten a kilo of cherries, a kilo of apricots a couple of bananas and a few apples, and some blueberries. It is our stone fruit season so they are cheap and plentiful, but it is time to cut back to just berries and apples.

Monday -

Breakfast - 2 eggs boiled


Dinner - roast chicken and asparagus (season almost over), blueberries and coconut ceam.

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wow it looks like you hardly eat anything according to your food log? :P i love to eat fruit also, but like you im trying to keep it to a minimum during my whole30!

Sarah I have always had a small appetite and am also fairly inactive at the moment plus this is the worst month of the year for me. Fruit became my friend, but of course the fruit sugars turn to fat if we have too much. Roll on January - I just hope that I can focus more on W30 as I love this way of eating.

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Yesterday was all W30.

Friday today

Breakfast was scrambled egg and avocado.

Next meal will be a chicken stew with green beans, leek and onion.

Been to the Spud Shed and got some local asparagus, zucchini, mangos, cherries, apples, avocados, 2 taters for Chrissy day, sweet tater for the dog's dinner, brussels sprouts for Christmas lunch. Also found some grass fed beef so I think the dog and I will eat well this Christmas :lol:

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