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Day 8 done!


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Well I am officially a little over a week in. Needless to say, there have been little challenges here and there, despite having dropped lots of money to fully stock my fridge (both from Kroger and Trader Joe's). I was basically a kid in a candy shop buying meats I never even bother to look at while not on the Whole30, like Italian sausage and prosciutto, but I thought I'd like to treat myself. My saving grace has been to plan the crap out of my meals and always look up the menus of restaurants before going there to be sure that there are at least a couple options that are Whole30 compliant. I don't believe my "Kill all the things" days were too bad, overlooking the one sobfest with my sister. I definitely felt low on energy on Days 6 and 7, as predicted. Tomorrow is supposed to be the second day of the "my pants are tighter" days.. I'm hoping the hardest days aren't too bad because I am craving Tiger Blood!! I must know what it means and what it feels like! Also, I must admit, there is already temptation to jump on the scale, but I must resist. 

Tomorrow's lunch and snack will consist of twice baked sweet potatoes with prosciutto, a Granny Smith apple with cashew butter (YUM! My new favorite thing!) and baby carrots with homemade guacamole. Super looking forward to it! Loving this so far and can't wait to see my results!

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