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Help with stomach issues


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Yesterday was day 7 of my reintroduction. I haven’t wanted sweets at all through the past 30 days, but all of a sudden I have been nonstop craving chocolate, or cake, or brownies, or anything! :)

Figuring it might be the leaser of all evils, I got a Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Lara bar. An hour later I had the worst bloating & stomach cramps that lasted all night!

Can someone help me figure out what to avoid?! The bar was vegan, gluten free & had the same amount of sugar as all the other Lara bars. 

Thank you!!

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If, after re-introducing legumes, you've had non-stop cravings, you might actually have had a problem there.  Unless you're a female and you tend to have cravings depending on the time of month.

Have you been eating other lara bars?  Could've been the sugar, could've been the chocolate, could've been the combo of nuts/dried fruit/chocolate.  (Also, I find their listing out chocolate chips as an ingredient slightly odd, as chocolate chips themselves tend to have other ingredients.  Maybe they have special chocolate chips.)

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