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Maggie's Post-Whole30


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I wrapped up my Whole30 on Wednesday, just in time for Thanksgiving :)

THANKSGIVING, 11/22/2012

Sleep: 7.5 hours

Exercise: 5-mile Turkey Trot, 2-mile afternoon walk

Pre-run: banana

Lunch: bacon, eggs, leftover sauteed beef, spinach

Snacks: 3 clemententines, coconut butter, dates, pear

Dinner: 1/2 glass red wine, turkey, butternut squash with zereshk, braised chestnuts and brussels sprouts, kale and mushroom casserole, tart cranberry sauce

Dessert: Pumpkin Puck, Persian ice cream, dark chocolate

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Sleep: 8 hours

Breakfast: Pumpkin Puck, homemade cranberry sauce, turkey

Lunch: more turkey, leftover veggie sides

Snacks: tea with dates, tea with clementines, tea with grapes

Dinner: yet more turkey, sour plum stuffing, dark chocolate


“I Love Leftovers†Partner WOD:

With only one partner working at a time, complete the following for time:

160 Wallballs – 80 wallballs each @ 14# to 10′ target

80 Pull-ups — 40 pullups each, scaled with resistance band

40 Alternating pistol squats — 20 squats each, scaled to a 20″ box

80 Hand release push-ups — 40 push-ups each

160 Double unders — I did 80 double-unders and my partner did 80 singles

Total time: 24:00

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