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Reboot until Christmas -- My Whole20something


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I read with great interest Dallas and Melissa's comments some time ago about not trying to Whole30 through the holidays. I had already done a rough but (frankly) delicious reentry from a Whole50 and then went dairy and grains wild. Ahem.

I didn't feel as bad about all of it as I had expected, and I started to wonder whether the Whole30 was "worth it." The part that seems particularly difficult to me, long-term, is the dairy. I've loved dairy all my life and I'm from northern European stock so I feel--or want to believe--that I "must" be adapted for it.

Well, one of the reasons to do my first Whole30 in the first place was to see if I can do without dairy. And I can, after all. I didn't at the time feel like my sinuses had miraculously cleared up, a side effect I was hoping for. I didn't have the full-on body-composition miracle I had sought, either. (I was both awed and depressed by Tom D.'s comment that his weight loss was very slow and steady -- like 2-3 lbs/months for a year or more. I'm in a hurry, here, people! ;))

Then again, now my sinuses are really tight, and I've had some trouble breathing while running. So I am trying again, at least until our Christmas travels start. And if my sinuses are better by then, I may stay off the dairy during the trip, too, at least in its non-butter forms.

So, here's a shout-out to all of us who are rebooting, whether in the spirit of pure experimentation or post-Thanksgiving self-disgust or whatever.....(I've got at least those two going....). Let's all wish ourselves some holiday cheers of the non-gluten/lactose/sucrose/fructose kind, and remember that there is surely something besides food-that-is-bad-for-us to cheer ourselves with and for.

(Ending a sentence on a preposition. Churchill might be pleased.)

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Hi, kew. I started a new Whole30 again on Saturday, which will finish up on December 23, just in time for the holidays. I have such an all-or-nothing personality, and it is reflected in my food choices, as well. Here I am a walking testimony for Whole30, and yet I fall so hard and so fast without the strict guidelines of the Whole30.

This time around, there has been added stress in my life. I finished up my last Whole30 on August 19. On August 20, we received two new foster kiddos, a couple of little ones. In mid-October, their newborn sibling joined our family, as well. I am a stress eater, and I don't mean I reach for the baby carrots and cheat with Ranch dip. No, I reach for the Oreos. As many as I can dunk and stuff, knowing full well what the outcome is going to be.

Anyway, suffice to say that ALL of my physical and emotional symptoms that were miraculously obliterated with my first Whole30 are back and in full swing. It's hard to function just for daily personal needs with fibromyalgia, ADHD, and a host of other issues, but try taking care of three children under three, maintaining employment, running a household, and the regular day to day stuff of our own kids.

I have been reading about stress, including what Dallas and Melissa have shared recently, and while I recognize that stress is a huge part of my physical and emotional and mental issues, it is not all of it. I am unwilling to get rid of the foster kiddos; I believe this is part of my purpose in life! But if I am going to consciously keep a major stressor, then I have to manage and/or eliminate the other stressors better! Thus, a new Whole30 with much greater resolve for staying paleo upon exiting, as well as motivation and determination to take care of the other areas of my life. Less computer fun time, more exercise, saying no to outside commitments, better sleep habits, no caffeine, consistent Bible and prayer time, etc.

It is my full expectation that as these other areas of my life come together, that the stressful issues with the foster kiddos will sort of come into alignment, that there will be overall blessing on my life because I am caring for myself and my household better, and that stress will be less.

At least my pain and fogginess will be less, which will lessen the stress, too!

Anyway, I'm here right alongside you. Now, for a bowl of Melissa's Joulwan's Chocolate Chili for breakfast. (I really. do. not. like. eggs.)

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....It is my full expectation that as these other areas of my life come together, that the stressful issues with the foster kiddos will sort of come into alignment, that there will be overall blessing on my life.

Bethann, thanks for your thoughts! I hope you get those blessings and more! I have to say, from the perspective of having only two kids 6 and 3, your situation with three children under three AND a job and running a household AND following Whole30 has me in awe.... I hope you seriously kick posterior with this Whole30 and experience a great degree of relief from stress and pain.

And while it is dangerous to put words in anyone's mouth, I will even dare to predict that Melissa and Dallas would not suggest that children should be considered stressors to remove from our lives - however much the little monsters might drive us bonkers at times! (We can and most of us probably need to seek ways to make parenting and childhood less stressful for all, but that is a different story altogether....)

Anyway, day 2 under way, second day back at Crossfit (after 1 month hiatus and sporadic attendance before that). I am most proud of working on my box jumps. Having smacked the living sh*t out of my shins twice too often (ie, at all), I have grown very scared of box jumps. I tried the small box but just felt too dominated by the fear of pain. So I tried the even small box with a 45lb plate on top, as several of the women at my box do. And I did it! No shin ouchies, and much less of that paralyzing fear, which makes "eating the box" a near certainty in any case. Small victories.

Now, if I could just find a "zen" way to deal with the two big personnel-related work-stress issues..... Om..... Which reminds me, I haven't actually outlined my goals for this Whole30. Better get on that.

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Day 4. Four days in a row of Crossfit, too. Phew. I am probably could/should eat more vegetables, but am otherwise doing okay. Maybe another mountain of zucchini noodles is in my future, perhaps tossed with some spinach and red pepper flakes. Yum.

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This is my Day 6. I cheated on my Whole30 this morning. I did. I weighed myself. I just couldn't stand it! EIGHT POUNDS. In SIX DAYS! And that's without exercise! I have a good 40 to lose, so I am thrilled. I'm putting the scale away and promise to leave it put it away, but this was great confirmation for me that I am on the right path! Why do I stray off of it with these kind of results???

I can't get the large coconut flakes here. I will have to order some. They look marvelous in the pictures I've seen!

Zucchini noodles! I had forgotten about zucchini noodles! Good call. Gonna pick up some zucchini today when I am in town!

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Well, I only made it 9 days. Long story, but I hit that day 5/6/7 sugar withdrawal depression that in me, because of my weird brain chemisty anyway, takes me down to the very bottom. I was dealing with some extra stressors on top of it and found myself with suicidal ideations. I went ahead and ate "normaly" yesterday and will get back on plan today, but it won't be an uninterrupted 30 days.

What happened during my first 9 days that was positive? (Remember, this is not my first go-'round.)

--lost 8 pounds

--pair of jeans I haven't worn in over two years now fits


--high blood pressure GONE (120/78 yesterday at doctor visit)

I wish I could say I had clarity of mind, but alas, I did not press through for that. The eating plan was actualy adding to my stress (family does not come on board with me AT ALL), and with a horrible bout of depression, I made the choice to eat non-paleo foods. I don't regret that, which is actually really huge right there. I have done ridiculous guilt over my eating over the last almost-two years since my first Whole30. So this is probably the biggest thing right here:


I will continue to support you through yours, and I will be eating clean again, but wanted to fess up about my off-roading. I am THRILLED with the results thus far and look forward to how great life will be for me once I hit December 24!

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