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Becca's Whole30/til Xmas - My fight for a 6-pack :)


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So I did a Whole60 around the holidays last year and loved how I felt, I lost weight, and made gains in the gym (probably one of the most important things to me). It just wasn't sustainable for my life, I find myself unhappy if I'm 100% of the time restricting myself from occasional cheats. I have always struggled with weight, but kept it under control with sports/working out.

I have stayed 85% paleo for the past year and kept the weight off I lost last year, but now its time to try and take it a little further. I've been too easy on myself lately, food normally isn't the problem, its the couple of drinks I want on a Friday/Saturday night (I'm only 24, that's an excuse...right?...No, its not, I know.) But then those drinks normally turn into binge eating Oreos and trail mix, not okay. I need to get my relationship with food/drinks under control again. So its time to nip it in the butt, Whole30 and hopeful 6-pack, here I come.

*Note: It may seem like I eat a lot, but I think it fits to the amount I train. I consider myself pretty competitive with CrossFit (went to regionals last year with team, placed 10th). So training is 5-6 days a week for 2+ hours and sometimes twice a day.

I honestly don't mind if no one even reads this, but I think the accountability will help me a ton to write each day with my meals/workouts.

Love that Dallas and Melissa have this program, it truly changes people's lives.

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Goals for this Whole30...totally forgot about putting these down!


-Don't over-eat. Even if I am eating paleo/whole30, sometimes I tend to over-eat, thinking its okay since the food is allowed.

-Don't allow little slip-ups, even if they are little, they still count

-No gum (I work a desk job all day and get bored easily, when that happens, I turn to small snacking and gum)

-Plan all of my meals

-Write down all that I eat, both on this log, as well as the hand-written one I have.


-Get close to, if not more than, 8 hours of sleep per night

-Get a muscle-up (this is the only movement which I still cannot do in CrossFit, and it haunts me)

-Pay close attention to my mood and energy levels

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I haven't counted calories in forever! But I know when enough is enough with how much I'm eating, and sometimes even if I'm full, I still eat the food if its in front of me. Need to work on that!

Day 1 is in the books, and it went by pretty easily, other than the fact that I'm fighting a sinus cold. Hopefully with some good eating and good sleep I'll be able to knock it out in a couple days.

My day 1:

Breakfast: 2 eggs scrambled with about 1/4 lb of ground turkey, 1/2 avocado, 1/4 cup of fresh pico, 1/2 small banana, and about 2 cups of coffee with coconut milk

Lunch: Spinach salad (3 cups worth of spinach), with 1/2 avocado, chopped onion, chopped red pepper, 1 full grilled chicken breast, and about 2 tbsp of olive oil/balsamic dressing. 1/2 baked sweet potato on the side

Snack: I normally have a small snack around 3 pm in the afternoon when work is starting to drag and knowing I won't get home from the gym til about 8 for dinner. Today it was a handful of roasted almonds and 1/2 small banana

Dinner: 1/3 lb of grass fed ground beef made into small sliders with mustard and about 1 and 1/2 cups of roasted broccoli

Workout: Was in the evening before dinner and was about 90 minutes worth of strength and a 10 minute metcon with thrusters and burpees.

Good first day, still feeling some negative effects from the past week of less than optimal food/drink choices, but I know that will pass soon. Off to bed to get my 8 hours in!

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Day 2 is done and done. Feeling okay, still pretty bloated from the past week of crappy decisions, but I'm hoping that will pass in the next couple of days. I'm hoping to get even more sleep tonight since I keep waking up with a sore throat and stuffed up nose. I might just give in to benadryl (sp?) tomorrow morning and stop hoping to get better without medicine.

Today was a lot of the same with my meals, which I am okay with. I find that routine is one of the best ways for me to stay on track. I don't mind eating the same thing for breakfast and lunch, and only switching it up for dinner.

Breakfast: 2 eggs scrambled with a cup worth of veggies including broccoli, onion, and red pepper. I topped it with fresh pico, 1/2 avocado and had about 1/4 lb of homemade turkey sausage on the side. I also had 1/2 banana and coffee with coconut milk.

Lunch: Spinach salad again with onions and pepper, 1 full chicken breast, 1/2 avocado, olive oil/balsamic dressing and about a cup worth of raw carrots. Simple enough.

Snack: handful of roasted almonds and a few slices of raw red and orange pepper

Dinner: Chicken stir fry with broccoli, green pepper, onion, and coconut aminos.

Workout was before dinner and was more of a muscle endurance/cardio workout. Went to a CrossFit class at my gym. My shoulder has been bothering me lately, so I'm hoping that with a little rest, ice, and good eating to bring down inflammation, it will go away soon.

Other than that, I know its only Day 2, but I think after looking at my 'before photo' I took, I am ready to commit to this full 30 days.

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Day 3 is over, and although I was tired, it wasn't anything I couldn't deal with. Weekdays are definitely easier for me to get through than weekends. Much less temptation and my time is spent at work, then the gym, and then home to eat dinner and go straight to bed. Not much room for error. I'm a little nervous about the weekend only because I've been a little stressed lately due to some things going on in my life, and a glass of wine or a beer has always been a stress reliever go to for me. So I'll have to fight extra hard this weekend to be good.

Today's meals were pretty much the same as the past two days, the weekends are really the only time I switch my lunch up.

Breakfast: 2 eggs scrambled with veggies, 1/2 avocado, fresh pico, homemade ground turkey sausage, 1/2 banana and coffee with coconut milk.

Lunch: Spinach salad with onions, pepper, full grilled chicken breast, 1/2 avocado, olive oil/balsamic dressing, and 1/2 baked sweet potato.

Snack: 1 small can of tuna with mustard (I've been told thats disgusting sounding, but its a easy, cheap, quick snack that I don't mind. So works for me!)

Dinner: 1 full sauteed chicken breast in coconut oil and eaten with mustard, 1 cup worth of broccoli and 1/2 baked sweet potato

Workout was some upper body (shoulder is still bothering me though so not too much) and then a burner air squats, row, and double unders workout.

On to tomorrow, which is a rest day and a 'get stuff done' day since I don't have the gym at night. So far so good, but like I said, the real test will come this weekend....dun dun dun....

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Day 4 out of the way. I found myself more tired today than the past days, which I find weird, but regardless I made it through. I'm on anti-biotics, but still fighting a sinus infection which is not particularly fun. I'm ready to feel healthy again! Tomorrow starts my weekend, which is my hard part. I'm hoping since I'm pretty busy this weekend, I'll be able to keep my mind and my hands off of temptations!

Today was a lot of the same with eating, which I think will continue throughout the whole30.

Breakfast: 2 egg scramble with veggies, homemade ground turkey sausage, fresh pico, 1/2 avocado, 1/2 banana and coffee with coconut milk. (Seriously though, its kind of sad how happy my breakfast every morning makes me. Makes doing this so much easier!!)

Lunch: Spinach salad with onion and pepper, full grilled chicken breast, 1/2 avocado, olive oil/balsamic dressing, and 1 cup of raw carrots.

No snack today since it was a rest day and I got home earlier to eat dinner.

Dinner: Stuffed peppers. Stuffed the pepper with ground beef, onion, diced green chiles, and tomato paste. Really yummy!! I eat this almost every week! I also had 1/2 sweet potato.

I forgot to mention in the last few posts what supplements I take:

-Fish oil (either purepharma or the liquid from SFH)

-BCAA's in a capsule form after a workout

-I stopped taking creatine for the Whole30 (not sure if it is compliant)

So far so good. Hope I can keep this up because I am feeling better each day without a slip up. Not going to lie though, only being on day 4 makes day 30 seem reallll far away!

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So day 5 is done. 1/6th of the way done now? Haha but today went well. I had to wait a little longer in between meals because some things came up, but I was actually okay. Normally I get cranky and nauseous but I was fine. Still a little tired but that might be because I'm also fighting a sinus cold.

Anyways, my breakfast and lunch were the same they've been all week so I won't bore you more. Dinner was just a plain grassfed burger and sweet potato fries seasoned with salt, pepper, garlic, and olive oil. Yummy. I also tried this kombucha everyone keeps talking about. Not bad and a nice break from water for a bit on a Friday night.

Tomorrow should hopefully be more of the same, like I said weekends are the hardest for me. So wish me luck!

Workout tonight was a long lower body lifting session followed by some pistols and handstand push ups. Tomorrow should be a long workout too. Good night whole30ers!

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So today is done and I'm glad. Tonight was kind of hard. I went to a play and thought I was going to head home afterwards but people went out and I tagged along. So I had two club sodas and a bite of a pickle, which I read I'd compliant but not encouraged so I only had a bite. The ts of the day went well.

Breakfast: usual two eggs with ground pork, avocado, Pico, banana, and coffee

Lunch: tuna salad with homemade paleo mayo, diced apples, onion, celery, and pecans.

Dinner: pizza pasta with spaghetti squash, ground pork sausage, mushrooms, red pepper, and pizza sauce.

Then at the bar after the play I ate some of the almond butter packet I had in my purse. I know I probably shouldn't have eaten it but it kept me from eating bad food and alcohol. So my hard day is up, onto another good whole30 week!

Oh, and I tried another kombucha flavor! I really like the citrus one! If that stuff wasn't so expensive I would drink it every day! So good!!

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So day 7 is over and I've completed my first weekend on the Whole30 successfully! Can't say it was with flying colors, but I'll take successfully. I did a little more snacking today, I find that when I'm around on the weekends I get bored...and I happen to get bored in the kitchen...and then I happen to open the fridge....and then some food happens to end up in my stomach. BUT it was some healthy food, and I'll take that for my first weekend. I'll strive to do better next weekend. At least I don't do it during the week too.

So breakfast was the same. I like my breakfast and don't see a need to change it. It keeps me full and gives me energy.

Breakfast: 2 eggs, ground pork sausage, pico, avocado, 1/2 a banana, and coffee with coconut milk.

Lunch: I went out for lunch with a friend. It was to a stir fry place, which makes it easier, but I have a feeling they cooked the food in canola oil...but what am I going to do. It was chicken with broccoli, cauliflower, peppers, bok choy, onion, and mushrooms. Not a ton of flavor because I didn't trust any of the sauces, but thats okay.

I snacked a little bit in between lunch and dinner. I went shopping after lunch and probably walked close to 3 miles, and then when I got home from shopping I went on a run for a couple miles so I think I made myself hungrier than I should have.

I snacked on some leftover tuna salad from yesterday.

Dinner: Moroccan meatballs from well fed with spaghetti squash. I think I ate more than I should have. I need to work on this. I try to reason that since I'm only eating healthy food, its okay to eat a lot of it. Not okay...

Anyways, glad I got through my first weekend pretty successfully and looking forward to another healthy week! Good luck all Whole30ers!!

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Yayyy another successful day :) Almost into the double digits! So today was fine, I was a little tired, but that was because my dog had the hiccups last night and kept me up a little too much. Oh well, I'll get better sleep the rest of the week. I still am having a small headache here and there throughout the day, but I know that will be gone soon too....I hope at least.

Breakfast: 2 eggs with ground turkey thigh, avocado, and fresh pico. 1/2 banana and coffee with coconut milk

Lunch: Roasted sweet potato, brussel sprouts, and chicken. Also, a small amount of leftover paleo tuna salad (probably only about 1/2 cup)

Snack: I knew I would be working out tonight and not be eating dinner til late. So I had leftover pizza pasta. Again, probably only about 1 cup worth.

Dinner: Stuffed peppers with ground beef, onion, tomato paste, and diced green chiles. I also had a bottle of Kombucha with dinner.

Workout was before dinner and was a max deadlift, and then some lower body accessory work. About an hour or so worth of strength. Tomorrow will be more of a cardio based day.

Now I'm ready to head to bed for hopefully some good sleep! Good night everyone!

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So it makes me slightly sad that only one person ever comments on these. What if I'm doing something terribly wrong!? I hope someone would tell me :)

Anyways, enough of the sap story. Today went well. Done with day 9 and on to day 10 tomorrow! I love the weekdays, they are so much easier for me than the weekends. Did all my grocery shopping today to last me until Friday and bought some more Kombucha. I'm starting to notice if I drink it regularly, it does make a difference.

Anways here's my day:

Breakfast: 2 eggs, ground turkey thigh as my breakfast sausage, 1/2 avocado, pico, 1/2 apple

Lunch: roasted sweet potato, brussel sprouts, and chicken. A small spinach salad with 1/4 avocado and balsamic/olive oil dressing

Snack: Leftover pizza pasta (probably about 1 cup) - spaghetti squash, ground pork, mushrooms, red pepper, and pizza sauce

WORKOUT - Did Isabel after about an hour worth of Snatch technique.

Dinner - 1/3 lb of grass fed ground beef sauteed with mushrooms. Dipped in mustard and 1 cup worth of broccoli

Sipped on some Kombucha with dinner too.

Onto tomorrow, day 10!! I feel like its getting slightly easier for me. It is definitely becoming routine. Night everyone!

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Made the first third, well done. Do you post on others logs? I found when I started doing that, others got to know me a bit and also checked in to my posts. Maybe look for others that started when you did and buddy up. Also don't be scared to post a question on the other forums like in the troubleshooting, or can i have etc you can see how many people have reviewed your post, if it's lots and no one is commenting perhaps frame a question a bit more clearly?? Most probably people thing you are managing very well do don't comment!

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I do post on a couple of other blogs, but I guess I don't mind so much not many people comment. I really just do this to keep myself accountable. It helps to have to write down everything I ate each day.

Today went well. I didn't have as big of a snack as I normally do between lunch and the gym and I was totally okay with it! I have noticed my energy is up, but I still have slight headaches throughout the day now and then....

Anyways...here goes day 10!

Breakfast: 2 eggs with broccoli, red pepper, and onion. Ground turkey thigh made into breakfast sausage, 1/2 avocado, fresh pico, 1/2 banana and a small piece of canteloupe. Coffee with coconut milk

Lunch: Spinach salad with onions, red pepper, full chicken breast, 1/2 avocado and olive oil/balsamic dressing. I also had about a cup of raw carrots.

Snack: Handful of almonds

WORKOUT - Did a shorter upper body day, and followed it with Fran :) whew! That workout always burns up my arms

Post workout - 1/2 sweet potato and 1/2 grilled chicken breast

Dinner - 1/2 sweet potato, full chicken breast with mustard, and about two cups worth of a zucchini, onion, and mushroom saute. YUMM

I also sipped on some Kombucha throughout the day. Love that stuff.

Tomorrow will be difficult for me. We have a end of the year holiday party that I'm sort of required to go to. We are going to an italian restaurant and I asked what would be offered. The only thing that sounded ok to eat was the steamed asparagus. So i might eat a chicken breast and sweet potato before I even go. And sip on some club soda while I'm there.

Wish me luck!! Day 11 starts tomorrow :)

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I think either I meant to type pico or you did, but it is fresh cut tomatoes, onion, and cilantro. Its sort of like a salsa, but just not watery.

So I made it through the holiday party today. Unfortunately the only think I could eat there was steamed broccoli, that I had to pick off shredded cheese they had dusted it with. I am glad I had a small pack of almond butter to sneak bites of to keep me functioning until I could get back to the office to eat my chicken breast and sweet potato. Anyways, day 11 is over, day 12 is on the way tomorrow. Almost half-way done!

So today was a little weird with the timing of my meals because of the stupid holiday party.

Breakfast (6:30 am) as usual: Eggs scrambled with broccoli, onion, and red pepper. Side of ground turkey thigh breakfast sausage. 1/2 avocado, fresh pico de galo, and 1/2 a banana. Also had my coffee with coconut milk.

I drank some kombucha around 10am

Holiday party started at 11:45, none of the appetizers were compliant and the lunch didnt come out until probably 1:30 or so. I had a couple pieces of asparagus. I also ate a small packet of almond butter while there to hold me over.

Got back to the office around 3pm where I had a small chicken breast and 1/2 of a sweet potato. So I really didn't eat a meal for almost 10 hours, but I was actually ok.

Dinner: Ground beef, mushrooms, broccoli, green pepper, and onion all in tomato sauce with a bunch of italian seasonings.

After dinner I had a couple of pecans.

I am pretty proud of myself for not giving into the delicious italian food at maggianos today and the chocolate cake (which I love!!!).

Day 12 tomorrow!

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So Friday went by pretty well. I had a normal day at work, I guess a little busy, but that always makes it go by faster so I don't mind. Had a tough workout at night and then went home, made some dinner and relaxed on the couch until bed.

Breakfast: 2 eggs with broccoli, red pepper, and onion. 2 turkey thigh sausage patties (homemade), 1/2 avocado, fresh pico de gallo, 1 banana, and coffee with coconut milk (Never gets old!!)

Lunch: Spinach salad with full chicken breast, 1/2 avocado, olive oil/balsamic dressing, and 1/2 sweet potato.

Snack: Can of tuna with some mustard (I know it sounds gross but I eat mustard with everything)

Workout - 5:30 pm

Did about an hour of lower body lifting and then 10 rounds of 2 snatch + 2 OHS and 10 burpees (that was a tough one!)

Dinner: Two portabella pizzas (portabella mushrooms stuffed with ground beef, pizza sauce, lots of seasonings, onion and red/green pepper.) and 1/2 sweet potato.

I was told that I need to eat more starchy veggies (i.e. sweet potatoes) since I'm training so much. Not a problem with me! I love sweet potatoes!

Day 12 is over, and day 13 has started well! Now I'm off to the gym for another tough/long workout! Happy eating :)

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So, done with day 13 and about halfway through day 14 right now. I think I've realized Sundays are the hardest for me because Saturdays I'm pretty busy, so snacking isn't a problem. Sundays though, I never have much to do, so today I'm going to try and get some Christmas shopping done and keep my mind off of food for a while!! Day 13 went by pretty well, I didn't snack and ate some really yummy meals!

Day 13:

Breakfast: 2 eggs scrambled with ground turkey thigh, 1/2 avocado, small banana, and fresh pico de gallo and some coffee with coconut milk.

Worked out at 10:30 - Did about an hour or more of upper body work and then did a cardio workout that was 4 rounds of wall balls, push press, burpees, and pull ups. It was rough!

Lunch: applegate farms sausage sauteed with sauerkraut, red pepper, and sweet onions

Dinner: Everyday paleo crab cakes!! Soo good! Made a homemade red pepper mayonnaise to top it with and some coleslaw. THen I had a side spinach salad with some walnuts and onion and olive oil/balsamic dressing. I also sipped on some kombucha as my boyfriend had a martini...ughhh i wanted some wine!! But I didn't....

Almost through with another weekend! Then onto my easy weekdays :) Tomorrow will be halfway through!!! Keeping strong...so far. And feeling good!

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Day 14 is done, and now we're onto Day 15!! The half-way point!! I am not so worried about going off of it at this point because its been two weeks, and although I feel great, I haven't noticed any major changes. I'm too far in to give up and not see what I might see in the next 15 days.

Like I said, I'm feeling pretty good, a little bloated this morning, but I also may have over-ate slightly last night. The food was just sooo good! No harm though, I think it was fine and I didn't over-do it too bad.

So Day 14:

Breakfast: 2 eggs scrambled with ground turkey thigh, fresh pico de gallo, and 1/2 avocado. Coffee with coconut milk

I snacked on sunbutter in between breakfast and lunch. I need to work on this!!! There wasn't much left in the can and its gone now, so I'm not buying anymore and hopefully won't have this problem next weekend too.

I walked around shopping for christmas for about 3 hours, and also went on a walk with my dog before shopping, so no workout today (rest day), but some nice brisk walking happened.

Lunch: Full grilled chicken breast on top of a spinach/mixed greens salad with 1/3 of an apple chopped, onion, red pepper, and cashews and olive oil/balsamic dressing.

Dinner: Well Fed's cocoa chili (so good) and a mixture of roasted brussel sprouts, sweet potatoes, and diced apples seasoned with olive oil and cinnamon (also really good!). So I had a smaller second serving of this. Might be why I feel a little bigger than usual this morning. Oh well, all good food so I won't fret!

On to Day 15 now!!! Keep on trucking. Only a couple more weekends to get through!!

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I read through your whole log and I want to offer up congrats for your hard work so far and the fact that you have been able to identify certain things like Sundays being more difficult for you than other days. I'm on day 10 and I also fare better with a routine so I usually eat the same thing for breakfasts too.

How is the progress on the abs? I too want abs but I have almost all but given up hope. Even at my lightest (admittedly not my healthiest) I still never saw a hint of an ab. I know they are there but just forever buried.

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Where do you buy your sausage at?

I just buy ground turkey thigh from Whole Foods, its pretty cheap (4.99/lb) and then I add a seasoning to it. I like a lot of the pre-made ones that Whole Foods or other grocery stores have, just make sure the ingredients don't have sugar or any other bad things. I just shape about 1/4 lb of it into two small patties each morning, dust each side with seasoning and fry it up. It's perfect! That way I dont have to worry about store bought sausages having bad ingredients.

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