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Whole30 until 12/24


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Ok post-Thanksgiving I feel the need to clean things up. I started yesterday so will be doing a Whole29 ending on 12/24 (I want to eat my husband's chocolate mousse that he says he is making for Christmas Eve dinner)!

Yesterday I ate compliant Thanksgiving leftovers all day:

Meal 1 - turkey, cranberry sauce (made with tangerine juice, no added sugar), sweet potato mash w/ walnuts, baked apples w/ sliced almonds and coconut, and roasted/sauteed veggies

Meal 2 - more of the same (just the turkey and potateos)

Meal 3 - more of the same (all of the above)

Meal 4 - a small bowl of turkey soup

I ran 3 miles in the late afternoon and felt great. I didn't sleep enough - went to sleep around 11:30 (stayed up too late reading!) and woke up around 6:30, and sleep quality was not great but I think that was partly due to what I was reading and also my brain shifting back into work mode. Today I'm a bit tired but nothing out of the ordinary.

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Yesterday, back to work....

Coffee + coconut milk, ate Thanksgiving leftovers for meals 1 and 2

Following meal 2, ate the rest of my baked apple dish (and realized while doing so that I wasn't eating it because I was hungry, I was eating it because it reminded me of dessert.... so no more of that for Whole30!)

Afternoon green tea

Meal 3: ate a small bowl of turkey soup and the rest of the sweet potato/walnut mash

Yesterday the detox headache started mid-afternoon and lasted until I crashed out at around 9:30 PM. I probably could've gone to sleep even earlier but was fighting it because I was reading... not the best idea I realize.

Woke up at around 6:40, took my thyroid med and went back to sleep for another 1/2 hour. Dragged myself out of bed close to 7:30 which is late for me.


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Yesterday I was tired.

Meal 1: eggs, cucumber, banana

Meal 2: turkey soup (w/ veggies), cranberry sauce

Meal 3: turkey, vegetables, cranberry sauce, apple and almond butter

Meal 4: more turkey soup and cranberry sauce

Yesterday I was so tired I actually closed my eyes for 30 mins in the middle of the day. I recognize I'm probably eating too much fruit, but I think it's helping me to avoid the extremely nasty headaches I usually get the first few days, and I'll taper it down once the cranberry stuff runs out.

Went to sleep around 10:30, woke up around 6:30. Wasn't too tired this morning.

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Yesterday was Day 4. I was really tired all day.

Meal 1: 2 eggs fried in coconut oil, fresh bananas and cucumbers, coffee and coconut milk.

Meal 2: Carrots and almond butter.....

You see, typically I work from home so I eat at home, it's quite convenient. But yesterday there was a scheduled power outage for some utility mainenance work, which I forgot about til the last minute so I had to go find somewhere else to work. So I went to my mom's house. There is a deli about two blocks away, and I walked down there to find something for lunch. They had greek salads and I figured I could just order one with chicken and call it good - except the salads were pre-made and all had feta throughout. I asked if they could make me a salad without cheese and they said no --NO!?! WTF?! So anyway I walked back to my mom's house and raided her fridge. She doesn't keep much food on hand, so I did the best I could.

Meal 3: I'm sure it's not surprising that I was pretty hungry for dinner. We went out, I had a salad (greens, carrots, tomatoes, cucumber) topped with a burger patty, fried egg, avocado and a tad of the house viniagrette which they have assured me has no added sugar. To drink I had club soda. I almost reached into my husband's basket of tater tots but resisted the urge.

Went home, had some tea (chamomile). In bed by 9:00 and slept until 6:30, feeling somewhat more awake today.

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Thank you! The eating part I have pretty well down (except for when I encounter situations like the one above). The hardest part for me is foregoing the wine. I like it just a little too much and I miss it when I don't have it. But that was one purpose of this Whole30 - to work on changing my attitude about it. Rather than bitch and whine for 30 days everytime I want wine and "can't have any" like I normally do, I'm going to remind myself how much better I sleep at night when I don't have it, and find some sparkling water or tea to drink instead.

Yesterday was Day 5.

Meal 1: I made what I can only describe as one of the most delicoius things I have ever tasted. I had some overripe bananas (and I like them a little green), so I sliced them up, battered them in egg with tapioca flour, and fried them in coconut oil. Holy deliciousness!!!! I ate some cucumbers and had my requisite coffee (black because I figured I was getting enough fat with the coconut oil).

Meal 2: Leftover turkey (yes, still) with cranberry saunce and more cucumbers.

Meal 3: I made mayo! (I guess technically aioli) and whipped it into a turkey salad to get through the rest of that turkey. So it had the aioli (to which I added garlic and basil), compliant brown mustard, turkey and celery. I took a serving and mixed it with romaine lettuce and cilantro for dinner. Yum!!

I felt pretty good yesterday overall. I started to get a headache later in the day but killed it with some Advil. I went running in the afternoon (around 3 mi) and felt good. A little bit late getting to bed, around 10:30 PM, didn't get to sleep til 11, then my cat woke me up at 5:30. I snoozed off and on until 7 but overall it wasn't the best night of sleep. Oh well - ready for Day 6!

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Yesterday was Day 6 and my first weekend evening on the Whole30 this time around. I made myself sparkling water drinks all evening and resisted the beer that was all around me (husband, friends) even when a glass of it was actually handed to me. I didnt allow myself to whine internally (too much) and I went to bed early and sober! Felt pretty good all day too.

Anyway, rewind to meal 1: fried up the rest of the bananas in the egg/tapioca mixture in coconut oil, along with the leftover egg whites from making mayo, ate with cucumbers.

Meal 2: leftover turkey salad in romaine with cilantro

Afternoon green tea

Meal 3: baked chicken (yumm!), made some sweet potato mash (sweet potatoes, coconut milk, almonds, walnuts, spices) and bok choy.

Fell asleep around 9:30, woke up a couple times but slept well overall. Up around 7.

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Yesterday was Day 7. Feeling pretty good except for a threatening headache later in the day, that eventually went away.

Meal 1: coffee w/ coconut milk, leftover chicken, sweet potato mash and cranberry sauce

Meal 2: sweet potato mash, chicken, cucumbers, a small glass of kombucha

Afternoon snack - finished off that chicken and some more sweet potato, I was hungry after runing 6 miles

Meal 3: baked salmon, kale chips, sweet potato and cranberry, kombucha

Exercise was an easy-ish 6 mile run, felt pretty good. Went to sleep around 10:30 (sleep disturbed somewhat by the cat), had weird dreams, woke up at 6:50.

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Yesterday was Day 8. Started out ok but I wasn't feeling great in the afternoon and had a headache into the evening that Advil did not touch (and which was accompanied by moderate dizziness). Did a workout in the early afternoon (bike ride) which was fine.

Meal 1: egg, fried bananas, cucumbers, coffee w/ coconut milk

Pre w/o snack: a few bites of salmon and sweet potato

Meal 2 (post-w/o): salmon, sweet potato, cucumbers, cranberry sauce, kombucha

Meal 3: salmon salad w/ greens, salmon, sun-dried tomatoes and onions. Note: this was a salad ordered out, I had to return it once becuase I ordered it with no dressing but of course they forgot. I suspect they pulled the soaked leaves off and put new ones on because there were still traces. And I'm not quite sure if there was anything unnatural about the sun-dried tomatoes. So I hope it was a compliant meal...

After I got home I had a couple more spoonfuls of sweet potato. Yum. Went to bed around 10:30, woke up around 6:30. Sleep was mostly good but I'm still having weird and somewhat unpleasant dreams.

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Yesterday was Day 9. I was tired and relied a bit too much on caffeine. I did notice, however, that once I ate dinner I felt much better.

Meal 1: eggs, fried bananas, strawberries (which I only ate half of becuase they were not good, don't think I'll be buying anymore this year!), coffee black

Meal 2: sweet potatoes, salmon, cranberry sauce

Afternoon green tea w/ coconut milk and spices

Meal 3: grilled chicken w/ homemade guacamole, sweet potatoes, a large pile of cilantro, and fresh taqueria salsa

Went to sleep a little after 10 and woke up at 6 w/o alarm.

I have also started taking a multivitamin everyday. I do think yesterday I was a bit fruit heavy (trying to get through everything in my house) and I need to make more of an effort to get my greens in.

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Yesterday was Day 10. Feeling somewhat better.

Meal 1: eggs, fried bananas, kale, coffee black

Meal 2: chicken, avocado, salsa and cilantro, sweet potatoes

Afternoon green tea w/ coconut milk - I think that I had this a little too late in the day.

Meal 3: ground beef, avocado, salsa and cilantro, kale, sweet potatoes

Went to bed just before 10, slept until 5:30 then back to sleep until 7.

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I have coconut milk I'm my occasional coffe but have never thought to try it in green tea...

It's so good!! In any tea, not just green!

Yesterday was Day 11. Energy level was ok but the damn headaches just won't quit.

Meal 1: eggs, fried bananas, kale, coffee

Meal 2: leftover beef, avocado, salsa, cilantro, sweet potato mash, and kale, iced tea

Pre-workout I ate a small apple, post-workout I ate another apple and a handful of almonds and walnuts

Meal 3: finished off the leftover beef/salsa with more cilantro and avocado. Also ate a spoonful of almond butter, I'm not quite sure why.

I ran 3 miles mid-afternoon and even though it was hard to motivate to get out the door I felt good while I was actually running. The headache came back afterward though, and I almost caved and medicated with some wine, but I didn't. I went to sleep around 10 and woke up with no alarm at 6:20.

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Yeah I definitely need to do better with my pre/post-workout snacks! But I don't think that's what's causing the headaches. It would make sense on the days I do work out, but they're just as bad on the days that I don't. I've upped my food intake and my water intake, but my anxiety and stress levels are not optimal at the moment and I have feeling that's the culprit.

Yesterday was Day 12. I had a headache on and off later in the day but overall energy was good.

Meal 1: Eggs, fried banana, apple slices, coffee w/ coconut milk

About an hour before lunch I had a handful of walnuts. I know snacking's not ideal, but I was hungry and couldn't get away work-wise just then.

Meal 2: Eggs (needed to go to the store and had to make do with what was in the fridge!), parsley, apples sauteed with spinach, an avocado, and the rest of the apple dipped in almond butter, iced tea

Meal 3: Cooked up the rest of my egg/tapioca mixture with a sauteed apple. YUM! Then I went to the store....

Meal 4: baked salmon and kale!

I went to sleep around 11 (a bit late for me but I wasn't tired yet). Slept well for about four hours then off and on for the rest of the night, woke up at 6:40 without an alarm though I'm feeling a bit tired at the moment. I do notice I have not needed an alarm for the past couple weeks, even on nights where I don't sleep too great. My dreams were more pleasant last night than in the past week, which is a positive change.

Almost forgot to mention, I've had a stomachache since just after dinner last night. Feel on the verge of puking on and off. Not sure what this is about but I don't like it!

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This is not normal for me. In any case, I interrupted my Whole30 Friday and yesterday. :ph34r:

I don't have any issues with sugar, bread, dairy, or any other food. I could happily eat W-30 compliant for the rest of my life and not miss anything - except booze. Wine, in particular, is my slippery slope. Outside of W-30 it is not uncommon for me to use a glass of wine or two in the evening as a tool to unwind from the day. I have also never been known to shy away from social drinking, particularly when I am feeling anxious. True that it is not ideal to use alcohol for stress relief. Guilty as charged!

The days-long headache was wearing me down a lot heading into the end of the week. Being honest with myself, I know it is stress that has triggered the headache rather than detoxing. So I was hanging out with my girlfriends on Friday night and despite having taken some Advil earlier my headache had become so bad that I was not enjoying myself at all. This realization brought on a "F-it" moment, I decided to slap a band-aid on the gaping wound that was my headache and poured myself a glass of wine. After that point my night was a lot better.

So knowing I had broke my Whole30 I then had a couple of ciders last night when we went out for my husband's cousin's birthday. The consequences of a couple of drinks each night have been that today I feel rather brain dead and tired, my digestive system is messed up (which felt particularly bad while I was running this morning), and I woke up with a big red hive on my face that my husband pointed out to me (thanks). I know that this is the effect of the drinks alone - I have consumed nothing else this weekend that was not Whole30-compliant. I have slept relatively normally. I don't know if it's the alcohol, the sugar or both, but my body does not like it. It is plain and clear that the effect is magnified when I have been compliant for a week or more.

So today I'm back on the wagon. Key to this style of eating as a lifestyle change is not allowing myself to off-road off a cliff when I make a couple of less than optimal choices in a row, regardless of triggers. This being the first time I've reintroduced alcohol without any other noncompliant foods I have also learned something important about how alcoholic beverages affect me. I can no longer hold onto denial, perhaps thinking it's the bit of gluten or soy that I may have ate, etc. Therefore, I am recording this in my log so that I remember this learning experience.

So, back to my regular logging tomorrow. Life goes on...

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That's great trays, in an awful way of course.... I found out the hard way I can't tolerate too many nuts. Like you I was in denial before my whole30... Although part of me knew I had a nut demon.. Anyway when I overdid the nuts during the whole30 I was sick for a few days and learnt finally it wasn't worth it too! I think I would prefer my problem yo yours though :(

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Yeah the habit/craving element is parallel, the societal pressure and element of temporary relief for a 15-day long migraine is not.

Yesterday was ok. The headache came back late in the day. it's still here now.

Meal 1was leftover half of a giant lettuce-wrapped hamburger.

Ran 4 miles after Meal 1, upon returning had some homemade chili and fried bananas.

Went to yoga in the afternoon, had smoked chicken and kale for dinner.

A few green apples scattered throughout the day. I can't say I really followed my normal meal schedule yesterday.

Didn't get to sleep until 11, woke up at 5:30 then went back to sleep for an hour.

I'm thinking of seeking out some drugs for this neverending headache, which is the last thing I wanted to do. I will have to go to the doctor for an Imitrex prescription, and I just changed insurance which means I will have to figure out who I am going to. Ugh

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Yesterday: energy level was ok, had a headache on and off. Took advil which killed it for awhile in the morning.

Meal 1: fried bananas/egg and cucumber, coffee w/ coconut milk

Meal 2: chili

Ate an apple and some walnuts, and drank half-decalf chai tea at some point in the afternoon

Meal 3: more chili. Drank a ginger beer (which of course despite the name is nonalcoholic), was curious to see the effect on my body of liquid sugar without the alcohol. It made me uncomfortable for about an hour or two after I drank it, but not the same effect as the drinks I had over the weekend. Which I guess is not surprising.

Went to sleep just before 10, woke up at 5 and laid in bed for another hour but that was it for sleeping.

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Yesterday was a high-stress workday. After I finally gave up on getting anymore sleep and got out of bed around 6, I started working because I had a lot to get done. I could already tell I was getting a headache, so I killed it with Advil. I also turned on my aromatherapy diffuser and put in some lavender to help with my stress. It really does work.

Meal 1: leftover chicken, kale, and sweet potatoes, coffee with coconut milk

Pre-w/o I ate 2 apples. Probably should've stuck with one but they were relatively small. Probably also should've combined it with some protein, but I didn't.

Went for a 3 mile run and it was rather warm. Afterward I had Meal 2: leftover chili and sweet potatoes.

In the afternoon I had some tea, starting to switch over to decaf in the afternoons.

Meal 4: more leftover chili, more sweet potatoes.

An interesting observation yesterday - typically when I have a stressful day my kneejerk reaction is to unwind with a glass (or two) of wine. But yesterday I found that to be an unappealing option because I knew it would make me feel worse beyond the initial hour that I would feel better. Usually the craving is so strong I downplay the effect and do it anyway, but I didn't do that this time. I found myself battling the compulsion, the habit, rather than the craving. This is new, and a very positive development. I did not have any wine, and felt fine when I went to bed around 9:30. I got to sleep close to 10 and woke up after 6, and it was mostly a very restful night.

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Wow, that seems late for a detox headache but I guess you can't rule it out. I think it's more complex than we allow ourselves to believe, I'd love to say my headache is from detox or from stress or from X, Y or Z so then perhaps I would know what to do about it, but it just isn't that simple. There are many factors contributing, some more than others. For me I know it's key to reduce my stress, so I am working on that!

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