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Whole30 until 12/24


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Yesterday was better than Tuesday, but it was still a long one.

Meal 1: fried bananas, cucumber, ham, coffee/coconut milk

Meal 2: holiday lunch with colleagues, had a salad with greens, grilled chicken, mango, other veggies and citrus vinigarette that may or may not have been compliant.....

Afternoon: green chai tea, dinner was late so I had some sweet potatoes with walnuts

Meal 3: shredded chicken with enchilada sauce (homemade), avocado and cilantro. I had a bit of wine with dinner too, not enough to interfere with sleep.

Went to bed later than I wanted, close to 11, and woke up at 5:45 because of the rain and that was it for sleeping.

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Yesterday I was kinda tired, especially in the afternoon. I did not get enough sleep apparently.

Meal 1: eggs fried in coconut oil, apples fried in coconut oil with almonds and coconut, cucumber, coffee w/ coconut milk

Meal 2: leftover chicken/enchilada sauce w/ cilantro and avocado

Afternoon, a bit of kombucha, green tea

Meal 3: more leftover chicken/enchilada sauce w/ cilantro and avocado and threw on some fresh salsa for good measure

Meal 4: a smallish meal of salmon and brussel sprouts

Last night was not a good one sleep-wise. My husband worked really late so my subconscious was aware he was not in the house, and after I fell asleep initially at 10:30 I woke up at least once an hour then again when he finally came home at 1:30. Then at 2:30 there was an earthquake that woke me up and I didn't get back to sleep til around 3. Woke up at a bit after 6 and feeling tired this morning.

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Hmm, so I ran out of logging steam. I've been about 95% compliant since I last wrote, and intend to continue that until I start my January W30. To keep myself on track, for my Jan W30 I will have goals, in writing, and I will be subscribing to the emails. And reading the book again. I can tell even the 5% off-plan foods make a difference in the way I feel, and I will never know exactly why until I get to the point where I can do proper reintroductions without falling off the wagon at all!

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