PWO meal after cardio only?


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I don't bother to eat a post-workout meal if my session was modest in its demands, but do if it was really intense and left me feeling seriously worked. On the other hand, your muscles are most ready to eat and make progress with self-repair in the minutes after you finish working out. Feeding them in that window is always a good thing. You maximize your recovery by eating a post-workout meal.

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Tom said it perfectly

I do a post after intense HIIT or tabata WO.... I think it's the type of thing that isn't written in stone, but you need to listen to your body for feed back so you can dial fuel intake in just right to keep up your energy levels

I believe the danger lies in purposely doing a extra cardio session so you can have an extra meal... Not saying this is your case, but most of us( myself included) have developed really bad habits over the years and this is a perfect opportunity to find out what your body really needs to thrive... :)

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