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completed first Whole30. About to go on Whole30 300


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Hi All,

I just wanted to share a small tid bit on what my Whole30 experience was like. I wanted to do this for myself so that I have something to look back on.

Before I started, I was tired, groggy, and sluggish. Zombie status, thank you. During the program, I felt tired and wanted to nap a lot in my first week. I craved sugar but talked myself out of it by reminding me that the sugar and grains in whatever form isn't real food. There isn't much of anything inside that other thing we call cupcakes, or latte drinks. By the 2nd and third week, I felt better, my acne was clearing up, and I could fit into my snowboarding pants that was 8 years old. http://www.burritosmama.com/2012/11/whole30-successfully-completed/

I know Whole30 isn't Whole365. But I realized that once I was off the program, my sugar habits were still there. So I decided that I want to put this to rest completely by spending more time on developing good habits. Three hundred days is a good amount of time to do this. I'll figure out the configurations of the 300 days, i.e. break, every 30 days or every 60 days. I'll find out what makes sense for me.

But I just wanted to share this journey with everyone. Thanks for reading!


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