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Oh my! I did it!


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I rocked 30 days!!

My reasons for starting this journey do not sound much different from many other people on here. I wanted to be healthier. I knew sugar was BIG problem in my life. I've tried just about everything else to drop a few pounds and in the long run nothing worked.

I loved trying new and delicious foods. I have always loved to eat and I still do...I just do it better now! I think that with some things I didn't struggle as much as some. I thinks that's because I put my toes in the water long before I jumped in. Not going crazy with junk before starting made the withdrawal a lot less miserable than it could have been. It wasn't all a breeze, the few headaches, tossing and turning and lack of energy were entirely worth the end result.

What was the end result?

1. I am so full of energy! Between a busy career, more college classes, my family, my home, my church (and on and on) my days are perpetually full! I enjoy getting through all of it without crashing. No more mid afternoon slump.

2. Sleep is a beautiful thing! I sleep an effortless 7-9 hours a night and wake up feeling ready to conquer the world each morning.

3. I have known how food effects our mood, energy, look, etc. But now I know how food effects everything! I look forward to giving my body delicious medicine. It's not a chore, I look forward to it. I love the preparation and the consumption!

4. I know my battles with sugar are not over. I know that my need to restrict, severly limit even, is what's best for my body. No brownie will ever be worth giving up all of what I've gained in the last 30 days.

5. I rock my workouts now! I habitually exercised before work 3-5 days a week. I did it because I'm supposed to in order to be healthy. Not sure I was getting anything from it then! Now, I'm energetic when I get to the gym and even more so when I leave. I am motivated to exercise in a purposeful manner in a way I never was before.

6. I stepped on the scale this morning and I was 10lbs lighter. That might not seem like much, but in the last 2 years I've tried very hard to lose any weight and the net result was always a gain. More importantly than what the scale read, I'm currently two pant sizes smaller than I was a month ago and that feels awesome!!

The journey is far from over for me. This wasn't a detour for me, it is the start of a new path. I like eating compliant. It tastes good, feels good and I don't feel deprived doing it either. I do look forward to having some heavy cream in my coffee again. But if my body decides that's a no-go I'd be fine with that. I don't see myself trying gluten items again any time soon. Just don't miss any of it or see a reason. I intend to continue to be rigid about desserts; for me it wouldn't be a treat it would be a trigger. Really, a month without it and I'm not looking forward to it anyway, so why bother?

Lastly, I have to say thank you to the people on this forum. I really enjoy the support, encouragement, tips and the stories people share here. I look forward to continuing to hang around here and I know that I wouldn't have made it as strongly through this as I did without this place and all your support!

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Congratulations! I think you did great! I love how you called food "delicious medicine" and how you said that dessert "wouldn't be a treat, it would be a trigger" - what a great way to think of food and dessert - I plan on stealing those lines just so you know :). Again, congrats on your success!!

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Hello everyone..

I am a newbie and plan to start this tomorrow, (the day after Christmas). I am a full time student and mother, as well as a manager, so I have been really stressed out the past three months. Having gained 15 pounds, I was doing everything to shed it only to feel exhausted, stressed and depressed. My clothes are no longer fitting and I feel so lethargic. I would come home from a strssful job, grab a bite to eat and study until I fell asleep.

I went to the Dr and had blood work done. My thyroid is fine but I am pre-diabetic, she also stressed that stress creates a hormonal embalance in our bodies, so maybe try yoga or meditation. (My cycle is becoming sparatic and I am only 38), so he put me on a low dose progesterone only birth control pill.

I use to be a vegan and never had a weight problem, only now (after being told that dairy is great for weight loss), I feel worse than ever in my life. I have eaten cottage cheese, yogart, and cheese, a long with soy and meat only to be the biggest I have ever been in my life.

I am anxious to begin, only dreading the loss of my coffee with cream and sweetener. Sugar has been my biggest down fall, and I never use to crave sugar at all until the past year (I cant stop at one piece of candy).

Thank you for your posts as I have enjoyed reading all of your experienecs with this Life change.. It feels great knowing I am not alone in this. I stumbled upon this book by accident at the book store looking for a diet that can help me get my life back under control..


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