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Ah - well - ahem...


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Gas. Yeah.

So. I'm on day something of my second Whole30 (I have no idea how people keep track of anything but their start and end dates, so I don't know what day I'm on but I'm somewhere in the first week).

My first Whole30 was from September 23-October 23. I went from eating unhealthy foods to doing a Whole30. So the changes I experienced were quite dramatic and very very positive. I lost 6 lbs and 40 blood pressure points. Yeah! Big big stuff for me. I also realized that this is probably going to be my default setting, as it were, for eating from now on.

From October 24 to the day after Thanksgiving, I wasn't Whole30, though I did apply some of the principles of Whole30. I was spending a lot of time with family, traveling, staying in other homes, so I didn't concern myself with a particular strategy for reintroduction. I mostly took from the Whole30 the lessons I had learned about how to recognize the difference between hunger and a sugar crash. The upshot of it was that during that month I didn't overeat and contined to feel the benefits of the Whole30.

That is, until the last few days before I re-started. I had a great deal of sugar and dairy and planned to enjoy it, knowing I was going back on the Whole30. But it wasn't so enjoyable this time, since I was eating better overall, and once I started back I could really feel the effects of the unhealthy food leaving my body. The first time around it had been sheer relief, but this time I just felt impatient to get it all out of my system so I could feel good again, ya know?

Now, several days into my second Whole30, I'm feeling similarly good effects overall, but noticing that I'm rather gassier than I remember from the first time around. It's possible that this is a new awareness, because the gastric relief from the switch to Whole30 the first time around was SOOOOO dramatic that it's possible I had this level of gas but it was just way less discomfort than I had been living with for - well, years!

Anyway, I'd love to hear what you all think about this - is it an effect of heightened sensitivity to my body (which would be, overall, a very good thing) after years of unhealthy eating? Is it some kind of effect of my obsession with spinach? (I confess) Does it resolve over time as I continue to make this way of eating my mainstay? Would varying food combinations (like not spinach at all three meals...) make a difference?

I'll totally live with it, given that I feel so much healthier and I can't imagine going back to how I was before. And I understand that after years of nutritional abuse of my body, a couple of Whole30s can't be expected to re-balance everything. But I'm open to any insights you have to help out the ole' tum.

Thanks in advance!

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Hi Amy-/ I just restarted as well after having a terrific first W30 that ended before Thanksgiving. Post your food log. Are you eating a lot of cruciferous vegetables? .

Well, I was mainly obsessing over spinach, but I bought carrots and broccoli at the grocery store today. Does that count? Heehee

And of course just a few hours after I posted, the gas went away. :rolleyes:

Now. What can I expect from these carrots and broccoli? :o:lol:

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Oh gosh. Just fart away and be happy. You need a variety of veggies. Google the gassy ones if you are curious. I say this having a stomach of steel and I rarely burp or fart. When I do..I sort of feel I deserve applause. :)

You sound like my kids. Ha!

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