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no sugar-dairy-grains & better complexion/more energy/no headaches


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I started the Whole 30 because:

- I was eating greek yogurt, almond milk, and started to notice it left me bloated, lethargic, and moody

- I had intense sugar cravings and headaches

-I felt a "crash" at 3:00 everyday at work

-I was spending far too much money on lara bars, thinkthin bars, and pure bars. I ate these bars as "treats" and ate them after most meals...little did I know they were doing nothing for my headaches and only adding to my sugar addiction.

After over 30 days of Whole 30'ing ( had wine and peanut butter twice) I can say that I am committing to eating this way for a while...its apart of my lifestyle.

Below is a list of changes from the Whole 30

1. soft, moist, skin.

2. vibrant eyes

3. running faster

4. no headaches

5. no 3:00 crash, its bearable and I am not slumped over my work desk

6. executed headstand in yoga!

7. standing bow pose touching my foot to head!

8. deeper sleep

9. less snacking-good fats keep me satisfied

10. I sweat more easily (sign that my body is better at adapting to physical exertion)

11. wake up in the AM more easily, feeling light, energetic

12. decreased anxiety

13. more productive after work, have energy to run errands, go to yoga, ect

14. weight loss

15. shinier nails

There have been so many improvements overall-it feels good to feel good.

If you havent tried it. Do it.

If you are and your struggling. Hang in there.

you are worth it!

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I noticed the skin/eyes thing too. I nodded at almost all of your list. The thing that really astonishes me (I'm in the middle of my second Whole30 right now) is how much more mentally focused and emotionally balanced I feel. I'm not fighting myself all the time about stuff. It's really awesome.

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