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Amanda's Whole30 long (my comments, questions, concerns, musings)


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I started my Whole30 on Monday and since then have been reading the forums and have found them to be unbelievably useful so far. I want to start this log to keep myself accountable, stay motivated, and to keep track of how certain foods make me feel. I also know I will have some questions along the way (I already do!) and would love to get some input. I'm excited about this challenge and looking to make some major changes in my approach to food, eating habits, and my health. I'm also making this a positivity challenge for myself :)

Here is what I ate today, Day 3

Meal 1, 7:30

3 hard boiled eggs, apple, black coffee

Meal 2, 12:45

Ground turkey with broccoli, snap peas, and red peppers sauteed in olive oil. I ate it with 1/2 of an avocado

Around 3:30 I had a banana a serving of almonds. This is the hardest time of day for me-- I usually get really hungry and the thought of making it to dinner seems impossible....

Meal 3, 8:00

Romaine salad with cucumber, carrots, red peppers, tomato, black olives, and a turkey burger patty. I dressed this with balsamic vinegar and the compliant dijon mustard from whole foods. I also had a kombucha to drink.


The eggs made my stomach feel bloated and gassy, I'm not sure why this is. I know I need to incorporate veggies into my breakfast and plan to tomorrow.

I know snacking is not suggested during the whole30 but I got very hungry mid morning and mid afternoon..does anyone have any suggestions about this? Also, I'm trying not to fear fat, but I'm worried that I'm eating too much fat.

The biggest thing I noticed today was that I had so much more energy than usual and just felt more alert/in a better mood. I haven't had any cravings so far..except for a quick dream of half and half in my coffee when I walked by dunkin donuts.

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If you were eating relatively little fat or protein before beginning a Whole30, your body may need some help digesting it. Now Foods Super Enzymes are useful to help with digestion as your body adjusts to a new diet. Whole eggs include a good dose of healthy fat, but if you have trouble digesting it, that might explain feeling bloated and gassy.

You may not be able to eat enough food at three meals to be comfortable not snacking between meals at first. Your body can develop that ability, but it took awhile for me. You might need to eat 4 meals per day or even 5. And it is important to get a good amount of protein, fat, and veggies at each meal. If I eat too light at one meal, I find it sets me up to have trouble with hunger later on. Sometimes even the next day. For example, if I eat a very light lunch, I can't seem to eat enough at supper to make up for it. I get hungry during the night. But if I eat good at every meal, I find I can go between meals without eating comfortably.

Turkey is very low fat meat. Even with half an avocado and olive oil, a meal based around turkey is low fat. Whenever I cook with turkey, I try to add macadamia nuts or olives to boost the fat of the meal. I throw a handful of nuts or some chopped olives in with all kinds of things.

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