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Day 19!!


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I am so excited to be doing the Whole30! It is absolutely true that having such strict rules is much easier than saying "I am going to start eating healthier" or something else vague. I have always eaten fairly healthy in general, but I was getting into a rut mostly due to all of the meetings and breakfasts at work where unhealthy foods are served. Add to that my chocolate addiction, and I was snacking on chocolate and chips way too often in the evening. So I needed a kickstart back to my healthy eating.

I was finding it impossible not to give in to my chocolate cravings pre-Whole30. This was even after having gone 3 weeks sugar free at the end of the summer. So I am so proud of myself that I have survived birthday parties, a goodbye party, dinners out, Thanksgiving, and now a trip to Chicago (I live and work in Shanghai) and have not cheated. Well - there was some tofu in one dish at a restaurant, but other than that I have been great. I am mostly over cravings. I bought some chocolate to bring back to my boys for a treat - and bought myself a yummy chocolate bar for myself for my Christmas stocking. I have no desire to eat it now and it is packed in my luggage. Wow!!

I know that I will be eating some unhealthy foods during the Christmas season when we are visiting family, but I feel that most of my choices will be healthier. I was not overweight when I started, but I've dropped about 2 pants sizes and am feeling fantastic - other than the jetlag :)

I am interested to see how this way of eating will affect me when I start some strength training (Les Mills Pump) in a couple of weeks and also start training for a triathlon in February. I haven't been doing much exercise since I started as life has been very busy in general and I had to be realistic about what I could fit in my life right now. (I have two young children.)

On another note, I have found it very interesting that a few colleagues are shocked that I am not drinking. I would say that I miss chocolate more than alcohol... but some people seem SHOCKED that i could possibly go so long without alcohol. A bit surprising for me as I don't miss it at all but then again I tend to drink only at bigger events, not regularly.

Thank you SO SO much for the book It Starts with Food... it was EXACTLY what I needed to read!

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Hi Amy!

I am post Whole 45 and on day 8-ish ( this time not so much counting but I know I'm done on dec 22) of my next Whole 25. The alcohol thing that you describe is how I feel too. I thought I would miss it the most as I did have a drink a day before the first W45. I really didn't miss it at all but it was the only thing ( except a bit of dairy) that I did add back during the reintroduction phase. It tasted great ( good wine) but it made me feel lousy after. So, when I am done with this next W25 I will only drink great wine and only occasionally. Meanwhile my friends are also astounded-- and I think, in at least one case, mad (or jealous??) that I won't join them in a drink. It's a weird feeling.

You sound like you are doing terrific. I had fantastic results and I will look forward to hearing about yours.

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