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Dairy? Out. Wheat? Out.

Arlene Thayer

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Hi, this reintroduction process is so interesting..

I reintro'd dairy on Monday. DISASTER! I felt so lousy. Terribly tired and mentally foggy. I did not need ot go any farther than that one day. And, it took my almost two full days to recover.

Then, yesterday, wheat. Also, DISASTER! Within an hour or two, my cravings for sugar and of course more wheat came on like a sonofab*tch. Again, I do not need to test further!

I'm not in any hurry to test non-gluten grains or beans right now. Just back on Whole30 where I feel good and don't have cravings.

It is just so fascinating testing each type of food and seeing how it plays out even though the symptoms are nasty.

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I totally agree. It is really fascinating!

What I found was that there were three kinds of reactions. One was similar to yours, with dairy in my case, too. I have tried it four times now, just to make sure, but the reaction is really strong and negative.

The other one was as strong, but opposite. A feeling of comfort and happiness. As something had really been missed. That happened with whole grains for me.

The third reaction was indifference. I could take it or leave it. That happens with wine and sugar, but I don't have a sugar dragon to fight.

The interesting thing was that at least the first two; the negative and the positive, were equally strong.

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