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Chocolate, sugar addict begins whole 30!!!


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This is going to be difficult, I am a avid fitness person but I have always rationalized my eating chocolate and sugar with how much fitness I do each day. However I never lose weight despite heaps of physical activity, and yes I know why.

I started crossfit about a year ago and I am wanting to get heaps more serious about my nutrition and training. So my coach suggested I try paleo and therefore here I am day two into my whole 30 program.

I am motivated but I am already craving chocolate and sugar so so so bad!! So here I am thinking, shit, if this is what day two is Ike imagine me in a week or two weeks. Last night for dinner I cooked oven baked lemon barramundi and it was amazing, however today I find myself going to fruit to attempt to counteract the cravings. I know it's bad to be doing this yet I keep doing it.

My main concern with adjusting to eating healthier is beating the cravings without caving. I am not the greatest at holding off from the cravings and tend to bargain with myself about them. I also have a headache today and not sure if this is from withdrawals or something else, never the less I shall continue.

During my whole 30 program I am also attempting to up my training times in a effort to completely overhaul my lifestyle.

So here we go and major cross fingers!!

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Detoxing from both chocolate and sugar is hard, but it gets better. I am an addict in recovery so I hear you, I´ve been where you are. The first week was the worst for me but then it does get easier. Don´t be surprised or worried if you feel really shitty the first week or so, it is withdrawl. The physical cravings will eventually stop and if they don´t check the amount of fruit and starchy veggies you´re having. You might have to watch out for emotional triggers too. May I just suggest a one-step-at-time approach? Doing both the detoxing, Whole30 style, and upping your training at the same time sounds, to me, like a bit to much at one time. Good luck, you can do it!

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Officially day three today and I find myself surprised so far. My cravings have become minimal. This could also be due to the fact that at work and during the weekdays I never have time to crave anything. I have cooked a few creative meals and last night I did lemon chilli pepper chicken.

The hardest part I am finding is the preparation, especially for nibbles. I cooked a massive chicken soup on the weekend so that if I got lazy, busy or forgot, I could turn to and still be ok. I am also finding that I am getting hungry very quickly after a meal, which I am thinking is linked to not having enough healthy fats in the meal. I live in a very remote part of Australia and getting things like coconut oil takes a very long time, so I am settling for adding avacado oil to my smoothies, is this ok?

I am definitely noticing a change in my digestive system, in the last few days I haven't had any normal grumbles or running to the toilet feelings, which is a first for about 8 years. And I definitely don't feel as bloated!!

One things that is annoying me, when I speak to people at work about my change in nutrition for the positive, it seems the general population has a lack of understanding and always says its a diet. I find it very hard to believe that our people have forgotten that making healthy choices is not a diet but instead a lifestyle change!

I must say I am loving that the program is taking me outside my box for meals. I usually have about 10 things that I love and cook all the Time but sadly all involve some non approved item, so the whole 30 is making me find new things and try new foods that I hadn't

Previously, and I am loving it!!!!

Today I have my first lunch outing for a meeting with work, so I will be studying the menu and asking the waitress or waiter a lot of questions!! Wish me luck.

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Hey TinkyBelly! Just wanted to let you know that you're not alone. I've recently started craving sugar in the form of dried fruits..I eat so much in a sitting that I am embarrassed to say...

I think adding fats into our w30 will help us with out cravings. Avocados are wonderful! Keep adding them to your smoothies:) Also, give the fattier cuts of grassfed or pasture-raised meat a try. I find animal fats to be the MOST satisfying when I need a sugar fix.

Don't worry about the hater that are brainwashed by conventional wisdom! I don't understand how people can accept vegetarianism (where they also cut out an entire food group and then some) as a healthy alternative lifestyle but when you cut GRAINS and processed crap, it's a "fad". Stupid.

Anywho, good luck in your w30. The fact that you've taken the first step towards overcoming your love for sugar is HUGE. Great work! :)

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I agree with Anna that going from a sugar dependent diet to Whole30 while also upping your workout load can be dangerous. Keep an eye on post-workout nutrution and your recovery. If you start to feel consistently run down, even while getting plenty of sleep, add some more carbs like sweet potatoes, yams or a banana post workout. If that doesn't have a positive, quick impact (within a day or so), consider dialing back your workouts for a bit. I've found that solid nutrition means WAY more than workouts with regards to body composition and overall health. Don't neglect your workouts, but if something has to give, drop your workout load. You can always ramp things up some when your body has adjusted... :)

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Hey guys,

So here I am six days in. And I feel..... AMAZING!!!!!

I had my first lunch outing the other day and it went extremely well!! For my cooking I am loving just going with it and trying things without recipes and so far they have all been amazing. I have eaten fish for the first time in over a year (where I live it's hard to get and very expensive) and trying my hand at cauliflower rice to go with my curries and such.

I am missing corn in my salads though. It was a favorite.

Overall I am finding I have heaps more energy and not having to refuel during the day to accomplish the same amount I use to. I even crossed a goal off my list by riding the 40km trip to work, I was stuffed afterwards but ecstatic!

This weekend is definitely going to test me as its usually when the cravings hit when I am relaxing. I tried paleo sweet potato chips today and they are not bad, but definitely not a everyday thing with the carbs.

The thing that is frustrating me is how damn expensive fruit and Vegies are, you would think they would be cheaper than processed foods!!! It's damn ridiculous how much we have to pay to eat healthy.

I am definitely looking to see what changes my tone and physical appearance go through during the challenge, and yes I know the whole 30 is not about losing weight, I am just curious.

Any shopping tips or any tips in general would be very appreciated, thanks heaps for your support lovelies!


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Hey Tinkybelly:) I hope your weekend went well! Try to join a local CSA for veggies, they are cheaper! Also, if there's a sale in certain fruits, you can buy it and freeze it! It'll keep longer. I find that fruits are usually pricier than veggies so stick with more veggies (they fill you up for longer anyway). Also, if you got time, try to go shopping more than once or twice a week. This will give you a chance to see which produce are on sale because they are "going bad". For example, I always look for 5-pack avocados that are on sale for a buck so I can make guacamole immediately for dinner that night. This will save you heaps of money! :)

Your day six sounds awesome!!!

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I broke........ :(

PMS + Extremely stressful day at work + no food in work fridge = One white chocolate freddo......

I am so dissapointed in myself, not only have I broken my whole 30 attempt but I feel like I have let myself down by not being stronger. I completely know it is just emotional eating and I did attempt to eat nuts to stop the craving but alas two hours later and I was still aiming for the chocolate fridge.

I have done so well up to this point, planning all my meals and eating so well. Even though I have had a slip, I have no intention of stopping my whole 30. I hope that this makes me more stronger so next time something like this happens and I can be more prepared and not turn to the cute but evil freddo's.

The funny thing is that as soon as I ate the freddo, It felt like too much, like I couldnt have anymore... ever (well maybe not ever ever), like it was too sweet for me, dont get me wrong, it was yummy but very sweet.

My new goal is to be strong the rest of this week and get through the PMS!


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Trust me, it takes a few tries for A LOT of people to get through a whole 30...especially if you have all that added stress. It gets easier because you get stronger and more aware with each try. For me, the biggest hurdle is to finally understand that the only way i DON'T progress is if I remain disappointed in myself and wallow in my mistakes. I learned to get over my weaknesses quickly and get right back on track through the whole 30.

You can do it! There is no rush or pressure for perfection the first time around. ;)

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17 days in!!

I am really loving the variation in my meals. But worried I will be stuck in same food mode, so I need to hunt around for more recipes.

I am feeling lethargic this week, so I may have to keep a food diary to analyze what I am eating and suss it out.

So much has been in my way this week with training, however.....

I completed my first ever full body weighted PULLUP!!!!! So I definitely have extra strength. I am waking up more easily (just not this week) haha. So hopefully back to early morning training sessions.

Found a local wholesale fruit and vege but it's very lacking so I may have to stick to woollies. However I tried my first beef jerky the other day and wow! I have been missing out all this time.

Im not struggling as much with my cravings however I am missing my morning cup of tea, herbal tea just doesn't cut it in minus temperatures, it's not as hearty.

A few of my friends are not happy with my choice of lifestyle as it makes it hard for eating out and they don't agree with cutting out wheat and such but hey they won't know the benefits!

I promise I will post sooner than last time and keep a food diary.


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