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Alana's Re-Intro Log

Alana in Canada

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This day is finally here! I am posting on Day 60 of my whole 30 and it is time for reintroduction. I will start Day 1 once I have the right dairy foods in the house. That may be tomorrow, may not.

I am very, very nervous.

The plan, now, is to reintroduce food to see how I react. And that is all. I used the Book to help me figure this out, of course.

Day 1: Dairy. I've decided on cottage cheese; full fat, sugar free yogurt; and cheddar cheese. (Also full fat.)

Days 2, and 3; Whole 30 compliant

Day 4: Gluten grains. Roger's Porridge Oats for breakfast, (Technically, oatmeal is supposed to be gluten free, but it is often cross contaminated with wheat during processing. As well, this oatmeal is mixed with wheat bran, oat bran, and flaxseed. I used to just love it.) Pancakes and sausage for lunch. Whole wheat pasta at supper.

Days 5, and 6; Whole 30 compliant

Day 7: Non gluten Grains. Rice and corn (kernals), and possibly buckwheat. I'll likely just have them as sides to my regular meals.

Days 8, and 9; Whole 30 compliant

Day 10: Legumes. A few black beans in my morning omelette, some hummus and veggies for lunch, and maybe a bowl of lentil soup for supper. My favourite lentil soup, though, is a recipe which makes a huge batch. Not sure what to do about that.

Days 11 through to the 18th of December (when my husband comes off his whole30) I plan to be whole30 compliant.

Note there's no reintroduction of sugar here. Though, honestly, if all goes well, I just might take Day 11 and reintroduce some dark, dark chocolate (>70%).

I'll keep a food log here for re-introduction.

Fingers crossed I'll be fine.

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Day 1: Dairy.


OK, so I had over 1/2 of a 175g container or "organic, probiotic" plain, sugar-free, 3.5% fat yogurt. I ate it with some fresh blueberries and well past fresh strawberries. It was OK. I enjoyed the texture.

My tummy feels full, but I don't feel satisfied. I feel like prowling the kitchen to find more to eat--but, really, my tummy is full. Odd feeling. (Is this why studies show that people who eat breakfast consume more calories in a day than those who don't? They eat things which are not physiologically satisfying?)

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Wow. I had lunch about 3 hours after breakfast. That hadn't happened since I started the whole 60 back in October. I picked whole fat just to help hold me, but it wasn't enough, I guess.

For lunch I had a 2 egg veggie frittatta with an ounce of cheddar cheese. (I want to keep losing weight, so this is not an all you can eat buffet approach!). The first bite was awesome, but salty! I think I need a better cheese if I am going to bother--like a nice gorgonzola or something (not that I'd know where to buy it here, maybe the British Import shop?)

Physically, after eating, I had quite the runny nose, but that's not uncommon with me and hot food. (Weird, I know.)

So far, it seems that dairy and I get along. From now on, it'll be a choice I have to make whether to eat it. Ugh. I want my training wheels back on.

I have the cottage cheese left to go.

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Thanks, Emma, I'd been wondering about that. One day didn't seem long enough.

What I noticed:

First. Everything came in a package. After eating for 60 days the whole30 way, it was very odd to have to deal with a package and (with the cheese, a pair of scissors.) It didn`t feel like `real` food.

Second, the cottage cheese was cold. Straight from the fridge cold. Again, very unpleasant. (I drink my water is tepid straight from the filtered tap).

I ate the cottage cheese as a side dish with my whole 30 supper (salmon cakes from ISWF, broccoli and sweet potato fries.) Right after eating, I felt like a stone had been dropped in my stomach and I felt like going to bed. My head was really wooly.

That may or may not have had anything to do with the cottage cheese. Due to my ridiculous breakfast, I had snacked all afternoon--on sugar snap peas, (not nuts!) but still--there was more volume in my stomach than usual after dinner. A cup of peppermint tea smoothed things out nicely.

I re-read the chapter on dairy from ISWF last night and I noted that they say it causes the body to spike insulin in the insulin resistent. (If I got that wrong, I apologise).

I am still over weight--so I don't really see any need to reintroduce it as part of my every day diet yet. However, I know that if there's a dish with dairy in it I really love, I may indulge a wee bit.

OK--I lie--I may start making my own yogurt from pastured milk, if I can find it. I missed the creaminess. But it'll be dessert, not breakfast!

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Doing well Alana. I get that full but hungry feeling often, either when I have reacted (detoxing) to something or something has spiked my blood sugar. I also read that even though dairy is low gi the milk sugar still spikes insulin... I miss yoghurt but I retested dairy before the whole30 a number of times from a paleo base and my stomach just can't handle it. Coconut milk with frozen berries added is a not bad substitute, as is puddings made with coconut flour

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OK. I haven't given up on the log.

On Day two, instead of being compliant, I added feta cheese to a dinner salad.

On Day 3, instead of being complient, I had a few sips of cane sugar soda and tried a bag of sweet potato chips. (Didn't finish it.)

On Day 4, I ate 100% according to the whole30 protocol. I snacked on a few dates mid afternoon.

For some reason, I thought today was non gluten grains--but I just checked above and it is not. Oh well. I'll figure it out later. I'd planned on having another compliant day.

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Yesterday was Day 5 of reintroduction. I had a few bites of cottage cheese with a salad of spinach, leftover roast chicken, olives and avocado (with olive oil and apple cider vinegar dressing) for a late lunch.

I didn't want it to go to waste. I may finish it up today.

I am obviously in no rush with this reintroduction, am I? I was in the grocery store yesterday and nearly had a panic attack in the bread section when I realised I could have anything wanted. Ok, panic attack is an exaggeration, but there was some severe anxiety.

It was silly, too, I mean I have always been able to have anything I wanted and I made good choices--about bread, anyway. If there is such a thing.

Unless I bake my own loaf (and even it has a bit of sugar in it, mostly to feed the yeast) I'm not sure how I am going to introduce grains "safely."

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Such a strange, strange moment.

It really is, isn't it?

OK--today we continued the dairy experiment with a fantabulous recipe for hot chocolate from The Guardian.


I had to make it on the stove, constant stirring, using a whisk, that sort of thing. Even though it dirtied a pot--it was so worth it!

I made it with 2% milk and no cream, I didn't want to go out in the snow storm and get any! and Bakers 70% baking chocolate.

I grew up with hot chocolate being skim mik poweder plus hot water plus nestle's quik when we had money and cocoa powder plus sugar when we didn't. It was awful, awful, awful--even at the time! My kids have had Carnation hot chocolate mix all their lives--well, until we ran out during my whole 60. Now I won't buy it--I'm an evil Mom. : )

So, observations:

1) So creamy. So creamy. Awesome.

2) Chocolately and rich.

3) Nice bit of tang--from the cinnamon and salt, I presume.

4) It made me sleepy! Hot chocolate has never done for me before. Oh yeah, right, heated milk is supposed to be a thing which helps you sleep! That's why I had hot chocolate before bed when I was a kid. But I'd never felt it before. My husband thought it had that effect because of the lack of sugar. Probably. It nearly derailed me from doing my work out, in fact!

I offered it to my son (15): "Not enough chocolate," he said. "Needs more sugar."

When I offered it to my daughter (12) to try, she said, "You don't realise it, Mom, but this is really bitter. Did you make it with that chocolate?"

I had no idea how much sugar actually dulled the tastebuds. Is this a cliche? I feel more alive now I can taste so much more! It's like--how much of life have I been missing?

I musn't forget this.

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Hey Alana, I don't have the book. I am wondering if you had dairy three times in one day because that was what was recommended? I am worried that for me that will be too fast a rate to try but maybe that is needed to be able to really tell if you are going to react over time???

I am starting reintro soon, which is why I am asking, not because I think you have done it wrong....

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Thanks! Tomorrow is day30 but like you I dont think 30 is enough. I can go to 45 pretty easily. My skin rash has flared up and I need that to settle before i can even think of reintro. It might have been a shampoo, a fruit (pear or pineapple), the cocoa I put in the mince or even a coffee overdose from last Friday... Or seasonal allergies! It's so hard to tell. I do know that for the first time in at least a year it has improved very substantially without medication since starting the whole30. I was even hopeful it had gone for good.... But no...

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Sorry to hear of the flare up Juzbo. Do you hve a plan for figuring out what caused it? I think a few more days probblywouldn't hurt!

Do habits die hard, or what? I just took a sip of my morning coffee and realised I'd absent mindedly put sweet'n'low in my coffee! (In Canada it is aspartame). Blech. Fortunately, there's enough in the pot for a fresh cup. I've been meaning to put away that tin! It sits on the counter right next to the coffeemaker!

Anyway, I tried Popcorn after dinner last night. I made kernals in the microwave and put some real butter and salt on it. It was OK. I wanted a nibble--and something with fewer calories than cashews and raisins would have been.

I am obligated to make a gift for Christmas--it is a project that will take me an awful lot of time--I figure I have about 15 hours left to do--and I hate it. I have done it for years and years now and every year it gets harder. So, yes, the "snacking" was "stress eating."

My worst nightmare. It is how I got here in the first place,--that and lack of sleep and depression. I ate when I was stressed (I was highly stressed for a few years.)

So, here we are, back at the old habit.

Any thoughts on how to handle this? Should I just make the best choices I can over the next few days--or should I do something else, like meditate? (The great thing about snacking is that it really doesn't take a lot of time.) Help.

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Ok, so hubby brought home something called a "Caramel cream Sundae Cone."

I feel like crawling into bed. It is a stone in my tummy and it is making me very, very sleepy. Who knew dairy acted like a sleeping potion? (Though I doubt how much of this thing had actual dairy in it.)

But I'm buzzed from the sugar. We have Food Inc. from the library. I'm scared to watch it.

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Hi Alana... Skin had improved quit a bit over the last few days so this morning I retried the shampoo... Will know for sure tomorrow if that's okay, I will try cocoa and if that's okay will try the fruit. Meanwhile I have to Los keep away from coffee boo.

I know that wanting to snack feeling. I don't have any answers yet for you or me but maybe some suggestions... Firstly I am tempted to try popcorn as I miss having a low calorie item to crunch .. But am worried I will get the feel of shoveling it into my mouth again.

So I often have one or two raw carrots as they take time to eat and you have to crunch them lots. Also olives are good due to their saltiness. Coconut flakes are hard to eat lots of. I bake sweet potato and pumpkin into crunchy chips, and have made spicy kale chips before. But the best strategy is to make a proper meal and eat that, even if it is a fourth meal etc...

I am still compliant but when I realized I hadn't had any fruit today I thought it was a good time to have a couple of dried figs we bought yesterday after I checked and saw they didn't have sugar...

I haven't been able to eat ice cream for a few years now without getting sick SOB....

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How do you get your "pumpkin" --we call it squash-- to go crispy? I have the same problem with Sweet potatoes--or yams as wecall them here, lol! I roast them and they're yummy--but limp.

The scales stalled, so yesterday I decided to halt reintroduction and concentrate on eating less thn 50g of carbs per day for a couple of days. I may have screwed up yesterday when I "forgot: and had one date--I checked the package after I ate it, of course, at it had 10g. 10g! One date! Yowsers. No wonder they advise those of us looking to lose weight to stay away from the dried fruit!

eta: OK, I read the package wrong. One date is about 5g of carbs. Still, that's a lot of carbs in such a little thing!

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I will finish a Whole 45 on Saturday and will be cautiously working on reintroduction. What I really want is bread, I love sandwiches and the lettuce wrap only made a mess for me. However I will be making my own bread based on recipes from "Healthy Bread in Five Minutes A Day" by Jeff Hertzberg and Zoe Francois. I hope that bread is not a problem for me, if it is I guess I will learn to be less messy with lettuce leaves!!

I have enjoyed your reintroduction log and plan to be as cautious.

Good luck to you!!

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Hi Alana, getting squash to go crispy depends more on the squash or sweet potato, but the following helps..... High oven temp say 400. Not too thin else they burn first, try 1/8 inch. Cook them on olive oil sprayed baking paper and spray the tops. Cook until they go darker but not burnt. Allow to cool on a rack, they should crisp more as they cool.

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