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Whole30 PDF "Tracts"


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I started my Whole30 on Friday. My hubby took my one of my sons to a friend's house Saturday. The family was discussing health...hubby mentioned Whole30. He had heard me talking about it for more than a week prior, plus he's been party to my Weston A Price rantings for many years as well. :)

Their son came over to our house Sat to spend the night. I printed a few pages of the basic Whole30 pdfs, hubby dropped those off the next day when returning the friend.

Tonight, I had a phone call from the Mom who had some quesitons- they were on Day 4 (ouch). The Grandmother was wondering about something called "stevia"-LOL. So I was able to relay allowing our tastebuds to enjoy nourishing food for awhile without processed uber sweetness...26 days from now, stevia would probably be an OK item. ;)

How cool is that that those pdfs sent the family down a Whole30 trip? I also sent a sticky note recommending the website and the Whole Daily emails (50 cents/day- hello!)

I guess those pdfs are like effective Whole30 tracts-LOL. Go print some for your friends!

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