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How do I make kale chips?


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I have seen lots of people list kale chips as a snack in various threads, but I can't seem to find a recipe for how to make them. I could google it of course, but I'd rather ask on here so I can get some honest opinions on what works best. To be honest, I've never even tried kale before so I'm not sure what I'll think of kale chips, but I'd love to give them a try.

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My favorite kale to use is lacinto kale (also known as dinosaur).

Remove the stems/ribs, and then chop the kale into large "chips".

Toss with melted coconut oil and salt. I have seen others use garlic powder or seasonings of choice.

400 degrees for 13-15 minutes, tossing a few times throughout to cook evenly. Now, I like a darker chip, so you may need to experiment with the cooking time.


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Hi Ladyhoward!

I've made kale chips tons of times with so many different oils, temps etc...here's my favorite:

-huge bunch of kale (if you get the big pre-washed bags use half)

-1-2 tbsp extra virgin olive oil (you'd be surprised how little cooking oil you need to make kale chips, they're often too oily even with this amount so keep that in mind!)

-seal salt



1) Wash and DRY your kale thoroughly with a paper towel making sure to remove all moisture

2) Put kale in a bowl and toss with olive oil, a few pinches of salt, pepper and paprika (don't over-add here, better too little flavor than too much trust me)

3) Spread kale over flat pan, try to get an even layer to ensure even cooking

4) Cook on top rack at 375F for 10-15 minutes

You'll find what works best for you, your oven and your taste buds but here's a start!

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You didn't ask this, but I am eating more kale/chard/collards by boiling them rather than baking them. Three minutes in boiling saltwater takes out enough bitterness that I can eat them straight, oil-free. I boil the leaves whole so they can be used for roll-ups or chopped into smaller pieces for a sauté or pureed into a sauce for something else. You can also boil them in chicken stock (hint: make your chicken stock, remove the bones, etc., then boil your greens, remove them, and use the stock immediately to make your favorite soup; saves some time storing and saving containers of stock that you will just use for soup anyway).

I wasn't making enough kale chips to eat all the time, but we can eat greens 2x/3x a day just by keeping a container of boiled leaves in the fridge.

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I also use lacinto kale, cut out the stems / ribs, then tear them into pieces. I used to make them on the smaller side, but then my son made some on the larger, chippier side, and I liked that better.

I take coconut oil in my hands and melt it up that way, then massage the oil into the kale, add a bit of salt, and bake at 350 for ten minutes, then toss them with a spatula, and return to the oven for about another ten minutes. The last couple of minutes make all the difference. Take them out too soon and they're a bit soggy; take them out too late and they're not as yummy.

Kale chips are real nice with "Well Fed"s recipe for coconut chips.

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