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Can I have Croscarmellose Sodium?


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If it's so weird that no one knows what it is, then it's safe to say you shouldn't put it in your mouth. Google brings up the MSDS. I'm thinking anything that comes with an MSDS (Materials Safety Data Sheet) is probably not compliant. Actually that should totally be a Whole30 rule, but I'm not a mod, so. And besides it looks like there might be situations when you couldn't avoid it.

Wikipedia knows what all this crap is:


From what I can tell, it's a cellulose-based additive that makes a crumbly matrix for vitamins and drugs. If you need the drug you probably need the matrix.

Follow up: Livestrong.com article on side effects indicates that it may promote bacterial overgrowth.

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BeFabDaily has it down - while it's not specifically prohibited by Whole30 rules (mostly because we didn't know it existed in the stuff we'd potentially eat - it's generally used in supplements, not food), it's likely not great stuff. The flora unbalancing effects that may occur worry me, and I guess I'd just ask, why are you taking the supplement in the first place? It doesn't seem like whatever benefits you think you may be getting from the supplement would outweigh the possible downsides of the additive.



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I searched the name of this ingredient on this forum because I have a head cold and it's in Tylenol pm. 

We are on day one, which we read was usually met with optimism and "this isn't so bad" so I'm pretty sure it has to do more with the 14 miles I treked in the snow last weekend. (which was glorious, though it was probably the stuffy cabin that got me ill). 

Worst case scenario, I take the meds tonight and start over tomorrow. ;-) 

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