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A really tasty beet soup.


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I invented this soup in, like, five minutes out of things I had in my fridge and it is special! It's prepared like a greek avgolemono but it's pink like borscht and the eggs and lemon make it a little creamy and sour, like borscht with the forbidden deliciousness of sour cream.

2 cups bone broth (mine was lamb + chicken, and was made with some onions and shallots which I think were critical to the flavor, so if you are making soup with a blander broth, add some!)

tsp salt

2-3 tbsp lemon juice

one large roasted beet, grated

1/3 bag of baby spinach

dash of allspice

dash of black pepper

2 whole eggs

Beat the eggs with the lemon juice until smooth, and set aside.

Heat the broth with the beets, spinach, and any other veggies you might like. Because my beet was pre-roasted this took a couple of minutes.

Beat the egg again and while beating, pour in a small amount of hot broth. Then pour the broth and egg mixture into the soup pot while stirring.

Sprinkle black pepper, allspice, additional salt to taste, and eat!

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