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Day 6.

Breanna Smith

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Last night, the food dreams began. I've been breezing through the first 5 days of the whole30 with a little bit of fatigue (yesterday I was riding in the car most of the day and fell asleep thrice). I went to bed early last night (at least for me... around 10:30) and woke up 9 hours later feeling guilty. Very guilty. In my dream, which was whacked out anyway, I was at a party and there was this huge spread of sweets. Not exactly desserts, since cereal was a part of it, but nevertheless: donuts, chocolate chip cookies, oatmeal raisin cookies, and cinnamon toast crunch, which I haven't had in years. I gorged in my dream. Like, secret eating in the kitchen while everyone else was mingling, stuffing cookies down my gullet.

This is probably due to last night before going to sleep, I had my first "OMG I WANT SUGAR" craving. I knew I was hungry, so I ate a big bowl of stew with a sweet potato. I felt much better afterward, but apparently my subconscious was not satisfied, as the dreams showed. :)

I also started New Rules of Lifting for Women. Does anyone have any experience with this? I like it so far... multi-joint movements, deadlifts, squats, cleans, yada yada. Plus I'm done in half an hour, which is awesome.

Anyway, it's only been a week but it's already seemed fooorreevverrrrr. I do like this way of eating, but with it being Christmas, it's hard to avoid the sweets. Currently, my roommate is sitting near me eating peanut m&m's.

Does anyone have any great whole30 holiday sides for a Christmas dinner? Most of my family's recipes will include dairy and wheat and I'd rather abstain.

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My MIL has specifically requested this for Xmas this year ( I made them two years ago but not last year she must have been disappointed!).

Stuffed mushrooms. Funny but I made them tonight. I use large portobello mushrooms not sure if they are called that where you are? I chop the stems, and add chopped tomato, olives, fresh herbs and tomato paste then a fair bit of savoury yeast until the mix goes thick enough to spoon into the caps, then bake for about half an hour. I make one for each person. You can also stuff mushrooms and zucchini

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