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Whole 30 in Australia

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Hi all

To introduce myself, I'm Andre, live in South Australia and have been looking for a way to 'get healthy'.

I heard about the whole Paelo thing from a friend who has had great success - so I'm going to do it!

Both my parents have become type II diabetics due largely to lifestyle and diet.

I don't want to suffer the same fate and so am determined to do something about it while I'm in control.

I'm 108.5kgs today at the start of my 30 days. I'm not going to check the scales for 30 days, but I know that I'll see some improvement!

My Achilles heal is wine, red wine.

Thankfully, we have beautiful tap water here, so I'll head to the tap instead of my bar and cellar (for 30 days at least!)

I'm planning to post as I go.

Its great that this forum exisits, I've already got a lot from other member's posts, so thankyou already!

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Hi Andre,

Greetings, Donna here from Sydney! Good to hear you are thinking about improving your health, that is a winner attitude right there! Changing habits are HARD work, so good on you!

I started Paleo late last year and kind of fell off the wagon in the last couple months so decided to do the Whole30, started last Thursday and so far going strong!

I hear you with the red wine caper... I did have a couple g&t's on Saturday night, but other than that am going well, I love this way of eating.

What challenges are you having so far?



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Thanks PinkElephant and Donna!

Ok well its the end of day 2 - I have a slight headache, but its manageable.

So, yesterday I spent some hours in the kitchen after returning from our local fresh produce store and my butcher.

I prepared caramlised onions (with just virgin olive oil and a splash of balsamic vinegar), guacamole, roasted pumpkin, roasted zucchini, carrot sticks, red capsicum slivers...

I ate: breakfast - bacon and onion fritata, 5 macadamia nuts, black coffee

snack - 5 macadamia nuts

lunch - fritata, salad with baby spinach, cherry tomartoes, capsicum, 1 dollop of guacamole, spoon of onions, carrots

dinner - lamb chop with steam vegetables, desert - small glass with mixed berries and coconut cream.

black coffees and water throughout the day.

today, day 2

breakfast finished fritata, with guacamole, onions and macadamia nuts

lunch - salad of smoked tuna (wild caught and 'hand' smoked by my butcher), baby spinach, carrots, onions, guacamole, capsicum, cherry tomartoes, dressing of olive oil and balsamic .

Dinner - wild caught swordfish steak, glee with garlic and lemon (cooked fish in, then reduced and used as sauce), steamed vegs.

Desert - small glass mixed berries, crushed pecan nuts (6 of) and coconut cream.

How does that sound so far?

(haven't needed a drink yet!) :-)

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ok, so here's day 3!

Great today - just a small headache at about 6pm...had a coffee, got rid of it.

Breakfast - Mixed berry smoothie. (coconut milk, avocado, 5 spice, mixed berries, water, ice cubes) yum!

lunch - smoked tuna, bacon, guacamole, caramilised onion, cherry tomartoes, baby spinach leaves, carrots, small selection nuts (pecan, macadamias, walnuts) olive oil and balsamic dressing).

Dinner - grass fed beef steak, guacamole, steam vegs, bok choy, mushrooms, zucchini strips with sauce made from pan juices, caramilised onion chilli and garlic...

Feeling good (I did sneek a weigh on the work scales - I've already lost 2.1kgs in 3 days)

More energy this am, cleaned house and did stuff I've been putting off for ages!

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Day 4 - time flys when you're eating well!

Feeling great! - no headaches, clearheaded...awesome!

food - breakfast - bacon (butcher smoked free range pork) 2 eggs, tomartoes, onion, black coffee

lunch - smoked tuna, guacamole, caramilised onion, cherry tomartoes, baby spinach leaves, carrots

dinner - butter chicken (home made Paleo recipe), steam vegs, brocolli, roast pumpkin

no snacks needed today!

loving Paleo!

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Day 5 & 6

Wow - almost a week already - cant believe how different I feel already! - sooo much more energy, much better outlook - hell, even joined a gym today.

food yesterday

breakfast - blueberry smoothie

lunch - rest of butter chicken

dinner - grass fed steak with fresh steamed veg (brocolli, cauliflower, carrots) guacamole, caramilised onion, gravy the pan juices.


breakfast - 2 eggs, bacon, tomarto, onion, mushrooms

ate breakfast at 11-30 am, so only had a few nuts at work

dinner - wild caught swordfish steaks with chilli, ginger and garlic, juices as sauce, steamed veg (brocolli, cauliflower, carrots)

desert - small serving blueberried with coconut milk

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Day 7 - end of the first week!

Breakfast - scrambled eggs with a dash of coconut milk - creamy and yummy! - mushrooms and tomarto

lunch - wasnt hungry

dinner - porterhouse steak with steamed carrot, brocolli and cauliflower, onion, banana and tomarto

desert small cup with blueberries and coconut milk

feeling great still, no reflux for almost a week now, better bowel habit and energy level continue to rise.

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Thanks for the support guys! :-)

I'm really feeling well, and lively! - I can't believe how much my head has cleared, its like a stupor has lifted.

So here's days 12 and 13

Breakfast - Rasberry smoothie

lunch - Beef Madras with carrot and tomartoes

Dinner - cajun wild salmon with carrot, zucchini, brocolli, cauliflower

Breakfast - Moracan chicken with carrot, tomarto, mushrooms

lunch - rest of Moracan chicken with carrot and tomarto.

Dinner - roast lamb (grass fed) with steamed brocolli, cauliflower, pumpkin in eggplant and tomarto sauce.


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hey guys, slacker here again - missed a day so here's two!

Day 14 and 15 (OMG half way!)

Breakfast - 2 eggs, mushrooms and tomarto

Lunch - missed (late breakfast)

Dinner - Butterfish (cooked in ghee and lemon), roast pumpkin, tomarto and guacamole


Breakfast - 2 eggs, roast lamb and mushrooms

lunch - ate out (bacon and eggs!)

dinner - Beef goulash with cauliflower, brocolli and carrot

desert - coconut milk and rasberries

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ok, I'm the acting boss at work - didnt get to log the past few days...here goes

Day 17

Brunch - smoothie

dinner - Morocan chicken, brocolli, cauliflower and carrots

Day 18

brunch - lamb, tomarto and guacamole

dinner - bits and pieces left from various dinners - very yummy!

sweets - berries with coconut cream

Day 19 - today

brunch - 2 eggs with tomarto and mushrooms

dinner - Atlantic salmon cajun with brocolli, cauliflower and carrots

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Gawd! -late again - but boy have I been good! :-)

Went to a friend's place for a chat and catch-up, was offered wine, beer, had a black coffee!


Day 20

Breakfast/lunch - bacon, tomarto and eggs

Dinner - beef madras with roast pumpkin, cauliflower and carrots


day 21 (three weeks down!) - 1 to go

breakfast/lunch - banana smoothie

dinner - having prawn curry, roast pumpkin, carrots, cauliflower and brocolli

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Day 24 & 25

busy, busy, busy! - OMG I've almost made it! - up to day 25, 27 without a single drink! - a record!

Yesterday I ate:

breakfast - eggs, mushrooms tomarto/garllic

dinner - steak with brocolli, cauliflower carrots, olives and cherry tomarto

Today -

breakfast - cajun chicken strips with avocado, baked tomarto, olives

lunch - more chicken with olives and cherry tomartoes

Dinner - chicken and mushroom with tomarto and onion crockpot with brocolli and cauliflower

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