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Whole 30 in Australia

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DAy 27 -28

Oh boy! almost finished my first 30 day challenge! - I feel soo good, so much better than I did a month ago, I think, no make that I KNOW that I'll be 98% Paleo from now on - I'll probably even do another 30 day challenge in late August!

I cooked today, see below, but also made tapanade and baba ganoosh yum - with carrot sticks (we have a house guest)

so, yesterday...

Breakfast - finished chicken with an egg

lunch - wasnt hungry

Dinner - Home made Paleo meat balls with home made Paleo tomarto ketchup, roasted beet salad, brocolli and cauliflower and of course the obligatory cherry tomartoes :-)

Today (so far)

Breakfast - bacon and eggs with mushrooms and tomarto

lunch - nothing after that late breakfast

dinner - rest of fish curry with brocolli, carrot and cauliflower.

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So after 2 days, guess what - I haven't been too bad Paleo-wise! - I have had a little bit to drink (wine and a scotch) but I've found I really didnt want a lot of it. I just had 1 small piece of pizza, and I wanted to take it out of my mouth - yuk! I had bacon, egg, mushrooms and tomartoe for breakfast this morning, for lunch the rest of a kangaroo rendang that I made for last night's dinner. Tonight I don't really feel very hungry, but I have just worked a 12 hour shift, so I'm tired too.

I'll be following the 90/10 style of Paleo I reckon due mainly cause I've lost 5kgs in the last 30 days ( I want to lose more) and also it just tastes sooo damm good!

To those just starting out on their challenges, good luck - it isnt as hard as you may think, just eat well!


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