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My November Whole30


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I coordinated my Whole30 with the month of November. So obviously I finished up yesterday. My goals were to sleep better and to rid myself of sugar craving and binging. I feel that I am falling asleep faster but am only getting 5 or 6 hours....not enough. No sugar has passed my lips in the last 30 days and I really don't miss it, but I will not be reintroducing it into my system any time soon. Sugar falls into the catagory of "be afraid, be very afraid" for me.

I have noticed that my fingernails are stronger...they aren't splitting and chipping like they usually do.

I didn't have much of a stretch to get into the cooking part because quite frankly, I only eat out about 2 or 3 times a year. I have preferred to know what goes into my food for several years. I did have to look long and hard to find grass fed beef but did find ground beef at the local Safeway. Cage free chickens I found at Trader Joe's. I had already been using a lot of coconut oil and olive oil so that wasn't a problem. The thing I found the most challenging was no bread but I managed. I like sandwiches and using romaine leaves just made a big mess for me.

I wasn't on any medications anyway so that was a non issue for me. I am fortunate because I am 62 years old and have been blessed with good health. I now know that I can contribute that to the fact that I grew up on a daily farm. My Dad butched our own beef and pork. We also had chickens and a large garden. I grew mostly paleo and didn't even know it!!

Energy?? I am usually pretty high energy anyway so I would say that didn't change much. I have also been a lifelong exerciser. My biggest problem was with sugar. Not only am I a pretty good cook, I am a great baker.

Oh and did I mention that I lost 8.8 pounds??

Considering all of this I have decided to go for at least a Whole45. Maybe more but that is what I feel today.

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I forgot to add the most important part. I now truly feel hunger and most importantly recognize satisfaction. I feel that the signals sent by my brain are true and accurate. I also no longer think about food 24/7, wondering when I can eat again. This is so freeing I can't believe it. Thank you Whole30!!

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