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Day 22 Where’s the energy?


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It’s my first W30. I’m on day 22. I’m way less bloated which is amazing, but I’m not feeling the energy. At all. I’m so tired and seem to be craving breads and cookies more than ever. I’m 34, 5’ 2”, & 111 lbs as of the start of W30. I usually get 8 hrs of sleep a night, though I briefly wake every few hrs. I’ve been running a couple miles 2x/wk. Prior to W30 I was working out 4-5 days/wk, but I’ve cut out workouts due to meal prepping. My typical day:

Breakfast: Spinach/sausage/tomato frittata (serving is probably 2-3 eggs worth), decaf coffee w/almond milk, 1 banana

Lunch: Dinner leftovers or big salad w/chicken, avacado, and 1-2 hard boiled eggs and W30 ranch dressing.

Snack: Apple w/almond butter

Dinner: Roasted chicken (usually 1/2 a lg breast), potatoes, string beans, & broccoli 

Evening snack: Apple w/cinnamon 

I usually drink 2L of water daily. 

Any thoughts?

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Cravings for high carb foods like bread and cake along with your need to snack twice a day tells me that you're not eating enough... try going to the higher end of the template (eat the whole chicken breast), add more veggies and added fat to the breakfast, I see no fat on your dinner etc... get those meals matching up to the template and eat to the higher end if you need.

IN the meantime while you get this sorted, if you need to eat between meals, ditch the fruit and nut butters and eat a mini meal of at least protein and fat - hardboiled egg wtih a blop of mayo, guacamole and some leftover chicken breast etc... 

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