Starting Whole30 tomorrow 10/25 !

Johanna S

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Morning Ladies!

Laura, the one I used was the realfood app one, I substituted worcestershire sauce for coconut aminos because I was too lazy to make the homemade sauce.  They tasted great and I plan to make them again!

I used the real plan app the first week but felt a lot of the recipes I was selecting were really complicated so I opted for simpler stuff I found on blogs last week.  I plan to go super simple this week too with the wedding and visitors coming to town.

Thankfully for me Halloween was easy.  We participate in the Teal Pumpkin Project (for kids with food allergies) and pass out pencils, mini play-doh tubs, and other stuff we stock up on from places like Oriental Trading Company.  Kids really seem to like getting something different!

This weekend has been so hard.  We live in an area that was hit hard by Hurricane Harvey.  Our original wedding venue was messed up and unable to host us so we scrambled to find a new location right after the hurricane.  We did find one that was still remodeling but promised us they would be complete.  Yesterday they let us know there is no way they will be ready by next Saturday!  So we spent the day scrambling again to move our day.  Thankfully we have an excellent support group here.  My boss and his wife (who are like family to us) insisted we have it all in their backyard.  All of the stress from that made it very hard to concentrate on what I was eating.  It wasn't that I wanted to stress eat or give up it was just that I was mentally exhausted and not thinking about everything.  For the most part I did fine, it was dinner where I almost messed up.  

We went to Grub Burger Bar.  I ordered and as I was about to take a bite my fiance gave me this look and said "you're going to eat bread?" I set it down, shook my head, and laughed.  Close call for sure.

I hope everyone has had a good weekend!

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3 minutes ago, ShannonM816 said:

Just a note for anyone else seeing this, worcestshire sauce is probably not whole30, at least none of the ones I've ever checked are. 

Which is why I mentioned the substitution. There are Whole30 compliant recipes you can make at home but I didn’t feel like making it that evening. I didn’t feel like the recipe was missing anything with just using coconut aminos. 

I also contacted real plan customer service and asked them to put a note on the recipe that either directs users to their compliant Worcestershire sauce recipe or at least notes that it needs to be a compliant version. They said they would make the change. 

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Sorry I've been totally MIA the past week! I found myself really busy with work and family situations!

welcome ksgl124!!!

But I'm still here and going strong! I gotta say I've been feeling soooo amazing lately. And I'm happy to be halfway done and I feel pretty confident that I've ditched some bad eating habits for after the 30 days is up! 

Hope everyone's well!!!


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Guys! I almost caved last night! I was really stressed out yesterday about a bunch of different things and all I wanted was doritos! I went to the store to buy chicken wings to make for dinner and after I picked them up I found myself in the snack isle grabbing a bag of doritos...and I actually bought them and brought them home with me. BUT when I got home I set them aside and told myself don't do it, at least eat the chicken wings first. So I did, and I let the bag or doritos stare at me but I never opened them! Now I need to throw them out so they don't tempt me at all. It was totally me stressing about a bunch of thing that drew me into buying them, but I was super impressed with myself for not eating them. It felt good to stare at the bag and be able to say no! hahaa! just a fun story about my night last night. 


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Great job on not giving in Johanna!!  

I have to admit that I was not compliant over the weekend but it was my wedding weekend.  I did try as much as possible to stay compliant but in the end I didn't make it.  (I couldn't get out of cutting the cake!)  I'm going to start over on January 1.  With Thanksgiving and Christmas around the corner I think it's going to be too difficult to be compliant.  If I was cooking everything for both holidays I could maybe make it work but I'm not.  We have multiple families to go to and I can't expect everyone to cater to me.

I would still love to hear if you make it all the way through!!

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