Hypoglycemia - Avoiding Hunger/low bloods sugar

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Hi everyone.  I have hypoglycemia and have to eat frequently and have foods with fat, protein and fiber combo.   Despite following the Whole30 plan, I am dealing with low blood sugar and hunger, particularly at night.   Beans have been helpful because of the fiber and keep me full  and, of course, that is now off the table (no pun intended).    I usually have to have a snack before bed otherwise I walk up during the night.   I am doing A LOT of coconut milk and nuts combo, but that is quickly getting old and I am now eating that several times throughout the day and although that is good fat, I am trying to loose weight.  

Also, one is not allowed to eat snacks in between meals?  With hypoglycemia that is very hard to do.

Thank you much!!

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The no snacking is a recommendation, not a requirement -- for most people, it is possible once they get their meals worked out to a size that gets them 4-5 hours between meals. It may not be possible for you, and that is okay, you do what you need to do.

Hypoglycemia has been discussed before on the forum, if you google Whole30 hypoglycemia, you'll find past discussions, but here's one that's been active recently:  https://forum.whole30.com/topic/6076-hypoglycemia/?tab=comments#comment-471353

Have you tried adding starchy vegetables to any of your meals or snacks? Things like potatoes, sweet potatoes, root veggies like carrots, parsnips, beets, or turnips, or winter squashes like butternut, acorn or kabocha squash. They might help to take the place of beans, they'll have fiber and starch. 


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