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Whole30 - not stopping here though


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So there I have it. Day 31. It's all over! Here are my results

4kgs lost ( though I have my period at the moment so that may go down)

Sleeping the sleep of the dead

Skin is clear and glowing (so I've been told)

No Sinus / allergies

Strong long nails

Clear head

I don't wake up aching

I don't go to bed aching

My posture is tonnes better

Last night I two glasses of champagne to celebrate but stayed whole 30 for dinner

The alcohol went to my head really quickly, and this morning I woke up with an aching body. Alcohol is now definitely a special occasion thing now.

I'm going to try and make it a whole 60 though. I think I've kicked the sugar habit, but I don't think I've kicked the no snacking habit. I don't want to stop feeling as good as I do and apart from the odd glass of wine I've felt pretty good about the restrictions.

I want this to be sustainable, I want to keep loosing weight and I want to keep these levels of energy and clarity.

Also, in the words of my friend Nina - I don't want to put sh*t in my body!

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Those are great results!! Congrats on your success!!

I agree with your decision to keep this a way of life for you so you continue to get healthier and so you don't put sh*t in your body :). as someone who finished a Whole30 and then slipped WAY too quickly back into less-than-stellar eating, it's very easy to do. I'm starting another Whole30 in January and plan to stay on it for longer than 30 days this time so it becomes more of a lifestyle and less of the 30-day detox program that I fooled myself into thinking I was on so I could go back to eating crap when it was over. Good luck to you!

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