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I'm on day 8. I've been really surprised at how I'm learning to separate my emotions from my hunger, and to overcome my emotions when they tell me to eat. I've been listening to that voice for about 16 years, and giving in EVERY time, so this is a breakthrough to me. I think I forgot what it actually feels like to be hungry, even though I occasionally fast (on purpose)! Days 6 and 7 were really difficult for me. I even tempted fate by serving my children Doritos (my absolute favorite, and possibly only true addiction) with my bare hands, just to test myself. The last two nights I've dreamed about cheating on my diet; the first time, I was mortified, embarrassed, and all the more resolved to make it through. Last night, it was like "Meh. It's not the end of the world." I told my husband this when I woke up, and he - who has seemed to be completely blase about my diet- turned to me and said "You can do this. I believe in you. I want to see you succeed." So I decided I needed a treat; something compliant, but that I didn't have to completely prepare myself. Just to take the edge off, ya know? I knew someone had mentioned that Target had a couple of compliant meat options, so I took a gander.

And there it was.

Aidell's chicken and apple sausage. I didn't care that it cost twice what I would normally pay for sausage. I was buying it.

Previous experience had taught me that chicken sausage is disgusting (thanks, Perkins). I knew I was risking a waste of my money. But the chance that I could have something resembling a hot dog, even if it was SWYPO, was worth it.

It was not Sex With Your Pants On. It may have been better than Sex With Your Pants Off.

I ate two links with some roasted potatoes and about half a bag of spinach. I was full. What's more, I was sated. And for the first time in three days, you couldn't pay me to eat Doritos.

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Thank you for this!  I am only on Day 2 of my first Whole 30 and have struggled to find a "breakfast" meat to serve.  Finally, yesterday I found the same sausage at Publix and bought all that they had!  I almost did a little dance right in the store.  I am doing the Whole 30 with my son (6'8" and a BIG eater) and daughter-in-law who were skeptical of the fruit juice concentrate ingredient so came to the Forum for help.  

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