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Nightmarish luck


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Hi WHOLE30 community,

I am Lutxi, a medical student doing her first whole30 program. Currently finishing day 11.

I come to ask for advice because of a very unfortunate event that happened to me this morning. I went to have a natural fruit juice (I know juice isn't the best choice, but it was my only didn't-have-breakfast + compliant option). I've been to the place before, and the usual bartender told me that juices were natural with nothing added (and made them accordingly). But this time a different bartender was there, I assume that juices are as always, I ask for one. So I have a sip and (only afterwards, sadly) the intuition comes to me and I ask her just to get the realization that she had put white sugar on my juice without saying anything to me.

She told me she had put 1 regular teaspoon of sugar in it. The juice was in a big long glass, relatively thick (generous amount of juice then). I only had a sip, so I didn't get a lot of dissolved sugar, but some of it I did get on my system. I know adding sugar is really out of the whole30 and I was succeeding at it until this happened. I don't know how this intake will affect me and my program... Should I star over again?

I feel really bad with myself for not being able to expect and avoid something like this, and also got really anxious. I always ask for analysis of what I am being served, but this time I had previous information that made me trust too much. I think it's unfair to fail this way...


Any comments welcomed, thank you

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