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My Whole 30 - Started Dec 6


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Today is day 2 of my Whole 30. I feel great. I also started Crossfit last week 2 days per week with a trainer so after day 30 - I can jump into a class. Amazing I am already feel more energy at night and during the day. Hardest part for me was giving up cream and truvia with my coffee in the morning. Black Coffee - ughghgh - but 2 days in with black coffee after 30+ years of coffee with milk and sugar is commitment (well a start). Very excited - I have tried everything. 14 years ago I was 168 pounds and thought I was a little over weight - now I am at 184.. going to 160 yahoo..

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DAY 3: Yesterday was a good day - We have BOKS at our school (program sponsored by REEBOK) and spreading out across the country. Really cool thing - the kids get up and exercise at school before school starts. So my kids go 2x per week and I volunteer. good for me and good for them.

I actually am starting to feel like I have more energy. I am staying up later at night and getting up at 6am in the morning. I don't use a clock - never had - just use my mind to wake me up - seems to work

I am still trying to figure out exactly what I can / can't eat. I have the protein and vegetables and some berries - not sure about the fat.

I have the Paleo book - I need to get a copy of the Whole30 book - maybe it explains things better?


Bfast - 2 eggs & few berries

lunch -left over dinner - pot roast, onions, veg

dinner - Friday is pizza night..ughg - that was hard. Kids and family had pizza - I had a salad with chicken and dressing

I do want to do better at figuring out what to eat -

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