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akai inu's Whole30 Log


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End of Week One

First off, this is not my first attempt at a Whole30. It's maybe my fourth or fifth.


Week 1 went by pretty quickly, I have to be honest! There were a few bumps in the road... A couple days ago, I had one too many prunes (I LOVE prunes). But there haven't really been too many hang-ups. And I think this is for a few reasons:

-Signing-up for the Whole30 Daily e-mails has been the best $15.95 I've spent in a long, long time!

-I have a Whole30 buddy :D

-I've been able to get at least seven (mostly eight or nine) hours of sleep every night

-I took naps the first two or three days (I rarely ever take naps)

My energy at CrossFit lagged for one or two days, but the rest of the time I felt awesome and I already feel stronger at my workouts! It seems that I've lost at least two inches off my waist (but no measuring!). I've been able to fall asleep pretty quickly most nights as well, which is rare for me. Though, I have had some crazy food dreams and ridiculous cravings for things I haven't had in quite some time.

Overall, week one has been pretty amazing. Can't wait to see what week two is like! (^ ^)

Edit on Saturday at 7:49am:

I was dead at yesterday's work out. Ugh. Let's see how this morning's goes!

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End of Week Two!

Day 15: Man, has time flown!

Some things are not so great...

-My GI tract has not settled in to this new way of eating, but I'll be patient.

-My skin has been kind of messed up.

-I wake up every morning really tired and feeling that I need another hour or two of sleep (despite sleeping 8-9 hours most nights).

-Cravings are still there! As strong as ever! Though, I just think about how I would feel (i.e. blah) after eating whatever it is I'm craving, and that tends to help. haha

Some things are AWESOME...

-Despite GI issues, my stomach is so "quiet" after meals and doesn't hurt or feel fatigued after eating.

-My work outs have been amazing!!! I climbed a rope for the first time today and can nearly do a kipping pull-up!!

-Even though I wake up tired, after about an hour, I feel -normal- all day...No severe lags in energy or random crankiness.

-I fall asleep pretty quickly... Yesterday, I got a new foster dog who has a lot of health issues. I woke up twice during the night to check on her and take her outside. Yet, each time I was able to go back to sleep quickly and still got up at 7:00am to go to CrossFit! :D

So, if you're reading this trying to decide whether or not to do a Whole30... DO IT! The time will pass anyway, and you can either be staying the same or getting healthier! (^ ^)

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End of Week Three!

Not so good things...

-Cravings still present. Meh.

-Fingernails growing twice as fast as normal (I guess this is a good thing... but they're not growing stronger, just quicker)

-Not quite as tired as I was in the mornings, but still tired (Though new foster dog now sleeps through the night)

-I've felt like I'm struggling with nearly every work out this week

-GI issues still happening

Good things...

-Energy is pretty consistent throughout the day

-My skin looks AWESOME

-My head is clear and I'm able to think better than I used to!

-After three years of CrossFit, I did my first double unders this week!!!

-Still falling asleep pretty quickly which is amazing! :D

I've learned that to keep my energy levels at their best, I need to eat more carbs...veggies, squashes, sweet potatoes, yes yes yes!

It may be that my body is still converting to being a "fat-burner" and that's why my energy hasn't been the best. Could this also explain why I'm still craving sugary foods after three weeks of awesome eating? Perhaps, too, not getting good sleep for four nights in a row (tending to the sick foster puppy, who is now much, much better!) messed things up...hmmm...

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End of Week Four!

The meh...

-I still wake up kind of tired.

-My cravings have been off the charts since about day 23! I have rarely had cravings this severe. Arrrggakjkdsljfaskl!


-My GI tract is finally figuring things out!

-I wake up at nearly the same time everyday...7:00am, perfect. (^ ^)

-My scent has changed. Despite sweating like a crazy-sweating-thing after every work out, I still smell...nice.

-I have had sensitivity issues with my teeth for years, and about two years ago, I found out that I have periodontal disease. The sensitivity issues are gone. Gone. O:

Maybe I'm just caught up in the Whole30 awesomeness, but I'm already planning my next Whole30! I'm thinking of starting a Whole45 March 1st!

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