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I ate out...oops (Mod check please)

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I ate out today. I thought I was being smart, going to my favorite Mexican place for fajitas. Only after I ate did I realize they probably had canola oil, possibly sugar, and an off-chance of MSG. I already know I am sensitive to MSG, so I avoid that even without Whole30. I am not too worried about any potential sugar, and the cook said there was none when I asked. However, he did confirm that they use canola oil to saute the meat and veggies. I'm on day 9- I am not going to start over because I'm in charge of Thanksgiving and while I can be very cautious in my food choices, no way can I avoid everything. I did not do this intentionally, I've been mortified ever since the thought occurred to me, and I am absolutely committed to finishing strong. I've decided, upon reading some other threads, that the best option is to keep going and wait to reintroduce any type of canola or vegetable oil until day 40 at least. I really want to know other people's thoughts on this, since I'm really psyching myself out over here.

p.s I also keep telling myself that I'm overthinking this, that the whole point of the program is to create healthy relationships with food and my paranoia is not healthy, but the strictness of the rules has me second guessing myself all over the place.

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