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Whole30 fixed my hunger, skin, deficiencies..... And there's more to come!


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Day 30 summary

I used to.......

Be hungry all the time

Think of food all the time

Eat more than six times a day

Exercise to try to lose weight

Have constant skin flare ups

Feel constantly stressed

Have low iron and vitamin D despite eating meat and getting lots of daylight.

I found the whole30 from dr gangemi's site sock-doc.com

During my whole30 experience I found more interesting foods and recipes to try, learnt to live without cocoa every day, proved that life can exist without sugar! Introduced more spices to replace stock cubes, cooked meat on the bone in soups for the first time and surprised myself with how quickly I adjusted to a very different style of breakfast.

The first three days were quite easy, then I hit the "kill all the things" stage for a few days, then I really struggled in my runs (felt like wet concrete dragging me down) but this got better after day 12. Then I had the OMG I have eaten non compliant food oh it was only a dream on and off for a week and the final hiccup around day 22 when my brain kept wanting me to eat junk but I shut it up with (too much but at least compliant) nuts and fruits instead.

Now that I've been whole30 compliant for 30 days, I can eat three filling meals a day and only eat extra when I have been especially active, my skin is so much healthier, I fit into most of my clothes again and I have got my muscle definition back. I excercise alot still but only when I know I will enjoy it not because I ate too much or the wrong foods. I lost about 7 pounds... Another 5 would be nice but I won't need to go hungry or really care whether it does or doesn't happen because I am and will be healthy! My iron has increased to 13.8 (6 months ago I was anaemic 11.4) and my vitamin D to 71 (was 48-50 for the previous two years)

I am continuing for a bit to further improve my skin and digestion, focus more on getting 8 hours of sleep and not let a sugar dragon find me during the silly season!

Thank you everyone for your support, advice and friendship!

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Awesome! I am curious because I have the same problem, what kind of changes did you make to go from snacking a lot to eating three square meals a day? I just finished my Whole30 and snacking and grazing on fruits and nuts was the biggest downfall of my program.

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Hi mego, I had to make sure I made big meals with 1-2 palm size amounts of protein, the 1-2 thumb sizes of fat and lots of veggies. I particularly enjoyed soups, stews, mince dishes etc for breakfast that lasted me through to lunch, which was a smaller portion of the above plus a salad with olives. I tried to eat fruit only once a day with one of the meals, and nuts in the meals or as Pre or post work out snacks. I also noticed that when I had coffee or certain fruits it triggered my snacking cravings. And that when I felt antsy and wanted to eat outside of meals it was usually because I hadn't had any carbs that day like sweet potato and pumpkin. Hope that helps.

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So today is day 38 but on day 36 I decided to have a glass of wine so I have declared my whole30 a successful whole35 with the only known non-compliant item during the 35 days a stock cube. So pretty happy. Other than the wine I have stayed compliant so will count the day36 wine as my first reintro and try something else next which I will log in the reintro section. Thanks everyone for your good wishes. Send me a message any time

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