Wine throughout reintroduction


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I'm sorry if this is a silly question. I just reread the reintro sections of both my books and searched on here and still can't find the answer so...

Im currently Day 22 but starting to plan my reintro. So let's say I have a glass of wine on Day 31, I eat clean for 2 days and all goes well. Then the next food item to introduce would be legumes.... If I've decided that I tolerate wine okay after the first 3 days, can I have it occasionally throughout the rest of my 2 week reintroduction? 


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No, the idea with any reintroduced food is you have it the day you're reintroducing it, but then not again until you're done with reintroductions. That applies to any reintroduced item, dairy or alcohol or grains or whatever.  Sometimes having two items together can cause mire of a reaction than either item separately. 


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